Warmachine/Hordes: Butchering the Butcher

Warmachine/Hordes: Butchering the Butcher

I dropped by local Pittsburgh game store Phantom of the Attic to play a quick match against my buddy Mike’s Khador force. We had clashed once before recently, and both of us were ready for a rematch. It was a 35 point game, pitting his Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher of Khardov (otherwise shortened to Butcher1) against my Lord Assassin Morghoul (Morghoul2). It was going to be a tough, uphill climb for my lightly armored assassin and his strike force to deal with the heavy armor and sheer-murder-ness of this Khador brick. Skorne Line

His forces were all heavily armored: the Butcher controlled a Destroyer and a Kodiak, and was supported by a big unit of Man-o-War Shocktroopers, a group of Man-o-War Bombardiers, and a few support solos. My force was my usual for Morghoul2: the Cyclops Brute and Razorworm for their animi and protection and then a whole heap of heavy Warbeasts including a Bronzeback, an Aradus Sentinel, and a Gladiator. With Paingiver Beast Handlers to help control all the fury and a Void Spirit for objective and annoyance duty, I felt as ready as I could be for the clash.

Bronzeback AssaultedThe first two turns were maneuvering, with some ineffectual shooting exchanged by both sides thanks to the inaccuracy of the Aradus Sentinel but also its Carapace that protected it from return fire. The Kodiak rushed forward to engage the Sentinel, landing some damage and throwing it. Then the Bronzeback returned the favor–sending it crashing through the Widowmaker Marksman. Normally the Bronzeback is the model that hits like a truck, but it found itself on the receiving end of the on-rushing bus that was the Man-o-Wars. On the feat turn from the Butcher. With Weaponmaster. And the charge. The Bronzeback went from perfectly healthy to crippled in an instant, and with my Beast Handlers committed to making other parts of my force continue fighting the Bronzeback was easily finished on the remaining turn–albeit taking a few of the Man-o-Wars with him.

Morghoul v Butcher

With my forces dwindling, and the Butcher near thanks to having used his feat, I had to take a shot. I moved some remaining force to draw his into deeper combat, leaving an open lane for some of my forces to slide in via envelopment. The Razor Worm used its Drag Below ability after killing the last Man-o-War to leave space for the two-sided assault. The Gladiator arrived first, and while he got a few licks in on the Butcher it still didn’t finish him. Thus Lord Assassin Morghoul had to try and finish the job, and he was narrowly able to get it done. If he had missed, or done just a bit less damage on any swipe, the Butcher would have been able to end things in his usual, sudden, axe-tastic fashion. That tense ending made it a very close and entertaining game, which is one of my favorite parts of Warmachine and Hordes. When you decide to go for it, it’s either succeed or fail. This time Morghoul2 had the luck of the dice on his side.

Battles (Privateer Press):
Overall Total 2015: 21 (Win/Loss: 18/3/0)

11 Wins (Fiona, Sorscha, Morvahna2, Ossrum, Borka, Kaelyssa, Stryker, Venethrax, and Butcher, Thagrosh)
2 Losses (Kromac, Kaelyssa, Kaya)

Protectorate of Menoth:
3 Wins (Morvahna2, Kaelyssa)
0 Losses

Legion of Everblight:
4 Wins (Caine2, Kaya, Sorscha)

1 Loss (Fiona)

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