Warmachine/Hordes: Team “Third Round Bye”

Warmachine/Hordes: Team “Third Round Bye”

A number of my prior posts have mentioned that I and my buddy Dan have been preparing for a Warmachine/Hordes 50pm team tournament. So this past weekend we made the journey over to Legions Games in Pittsburgh, PA and took part. Dan fielded his Retribution of Scyrah forces, while I took a chance and went with my Trollbloods instead of my Skorne.

The tourney was general Steamroller format, with each teammate submitting two lists. Dan ran a Kaelyssa Force Wall tier 4 list and a Thyron all-comers list. I ran with a Madrak2 End Times tier4 list and a pretty similar variant list overall with Jarl Skuld (same warbeasts, different solos and troop UA location). My lists were admittedly limited because I’m newer to the faction and haven’t acquired all the models I needed, so I had a bit of a split list problem.

For the team tournament, each team was paired with another team and had their player A’s match up against the opponents’ player A’s (with B’s in the same manner). Once per tournament you could choose to swap and have A-B and B-A, and once per tournament you could pause the timers (52 minute rounds) and confer strategy with your teammate. Trollbloods Jarl SkuldFirst round we got paired up against a Khador (Butcher3) and Cryx (Gaspy2) team. That meant an uphill slog for both the Trollbloods and Dan’s Retribution. I chose to go with Jarl Skuld to give me some measure of protection from Gaspy’s feat if I played a bit back, and the ability to project some removal into his backfield and threaten with range and speed.
Cryx Foe Gaspy2My foe’s Asphyxious2 list was pretty standard stuff: Deathjack, Cankerworm, and an arc node, big units of Bane Thralls and Bane Knights, the necessary Bile Thralls, and some supporting mercenaries in Gorman and Saxon. He got the first turn, and the mission was Destruction.
Excarnate Bile ThrallAh, distance, my old foe. I knew to be ready for Excarnate. I thought I had range of relative safety and a tasty enough lure closer to my objective. Yet a few Trollkin Fennblades died foolishly from it anyways. Bringing a new Bile Thrall so close simply hurts.
Gaspy2's Killing BlowI got fairly lucky in some rolls and movements of my foe, and landed more than a few points of damage on Asphyxious in the clash between some fast-moving Fennblades and the ever-reliable Magic Bullet spell. With Gaspy2 engaged by two Fennblades, I was hoping that Jarl’s Fog of War would postpone the feat turn by a round and I could go for an assassination myself. Aspyhxious counted on bad troll melee rolls, and was rewarded. Even with the bonus for free striking he managed to escape combat intact and reach close enough to bring back his spectral army inside the clouds–allowing them the charge on Jarl. And that spelled goodnight for my round one.

I was pretty proud as I had hurt Asphyxious pretty well (if one of the two free strikes had been pretty lucky at the end it could have gone my way), and I at least earned one control point for my team’s record. Plus, my opponent Vic was a great guy. Really fun to play with and with good spirit about the game. Not to mention a lovely and classic theme Cryx force.

On the other side of the team, Dan’s Retribution had played a close game as well–unfortunately attrition against Khador didn’t end in the elves’ favor. So we fell to zero points for the first round. At least our second round foes would be in the same boat!
Madrak2 DeploymentFor round 2, our pairings were me facing against a Cygnar force and Dan facing off against an Everblight list (an unappetizing menu of either the Twins Saeryn and Rhyas or Abyslonia2). As I had more experience with Everblight, we decided to use our team feat and swap it around–ending with Dan and his Force Wall facing Stryker3, while my Madrak2 End Times tier list would go against the Twins.
Everblight TwinsMy opponent’s force was the usual icky tournament fare of Everblight. I try to always remind myself that every army is potent, but somehow the hugeness of the heavies in Everblight seems oppressive. With two Angelius warbeasts and Zuriel, that sense of massive looming doom was all the more increased by wingspan. The rest of the force was a Cauldron and a Naga, a Spell Martyr, a Strider Deathstalker, and a unit of Croak Raiders. Mission was Outflank, so we had two big zones of scoring to contend with. Spawning Vessel Swamp TrollThe Cauldron and a poorly-chosen charge target were the two big mistakes for me in the match. I engaged the beast side pretty well, and panicked the Croak Raiders who took multiple turns to rally. I let too many little shredders spawn from the Cauldron, though, as my ranged support was on the wrong side of the table. And the Earthborn ended up nearly useless for the match because I charged a poor target that left him out of position to really make much impact.
Madrak Angelius

Madrak2 did pretty well for me overall, and I had a chance at taking the match. I suffered the alpha strike of Rhyas, killed her, then suffered the revival and killed her again. While things were getting thin for my forces, it was hardly over. Madrak had the best shot of it, getting two throws of his axe on his feat turn, with focus to boost the to-hit on each, against Saeryn. She was in a very good defensive position, but I needed high doubles anyhow–Critical Grevious Wounds would have meant that she couldn’t transfer the hit away. Alas, my aim was off both times and he missed with each. The rest of the ranged attacks I tried to land on her had fallen pathetically short. With dwindling protection (and lit on fire from two turns prior), Madrak was indeed on his End Times. Clearing the last of the Trollkin around him with the Deathstalker, my foe moved the Angelius in for the successful kill.

Again, a great game and a really fun opponent. David was a fun player, and his finished models looked great (I didn’t face his Absylonia2 list, but she looked so great with a cool whirling-water base I included a pic of her below). I could have done better if I remembered a few things, but I reminded myself that I’m horribly new at Trollbloods–my Skorne or Everblight may have been the better choice for the tourney setting. Absylonia2On my teammate’s board, Dan and his foe Ben were having a rollicking clash. Ultimately, it came down to death by clock for Dan–his time ran out. He was in decent position for the game, but the sheer number of activations that the Force Wall list includes got the best of him.

With us falling at two losses again, we ended up seizing the Third Round Bye. Which was generally fine with us both. We’d done well, and were pretty close in all our games. A little mistake here and there, plus some dice luck, is often the difference between top and bottom at an event like this.
Khador Butcher3 and RuinAll in all it was a great tournament, with some really well-painted stuff (Dan’s first round opponent, Justin Shannon, gave me permission to share his awesome Ruin and Butcher3). It always impresses me at how quickly people can paint such gorgeous forces–I’m excited to see what everyone has added by the next month.

Battles (Privateer Press):
Overall Total 2015: 28 (Win/Loss: 21/7/0)

12 Wins (Fiona, Sorscha, Morvahna2, Ossrum, Borka, Kaelyssa, Stryker, Venethrax, Butcher, Thagrosh, Exulon)   /   3 Losses (Kromac, Kaelyssa/Kaya, Borka)


1 Win (Asphyxious)  /   3 Losses (Kaelyssa, Asphyxious2, Saeryn+Rhyas)

Protectorate of Menoth:
3 Wins (Morvahna2, Kaelyssa)   /   0 Losses

Legion of Everblight:
5 Wins (Caine2, Kaya, Sorscha, Rahn)   /   1 Loss (Fiona)

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