The Journey(man) Continues

The Journey(man) Continues


As I’ve posted before, we’ve got a Journeyman league running at Drawbridge Games, and it’s really growing! There are 14 players who have taken part thus far (3 Khador, 4 Cryx, 2 Menoth, 1 Legion, 1 Thornfall, 2 Cygnar, 1 Mercenaries), and we’ve just moved up to the 25 points level and caster swap weeks. Hence the need to share some coverage of my progress and events.

1 Cryx Lord Exhumator Scaverous Alternate Paint Scheme

So I started with the Asphyxious alternate starter for the league, but I knew I wanted to experiment with other casters. I told Enrico (the owner of Drawbridge and a Warmachine/Hordes enthusiast himself) that he could pick whatever caster he wanted and I’d give it a try as my next level for the league. Given that he was the owner, I was surprised he didn’t say Deneghra3 (she’d be a bigger sale for him, heh). But he went with Lord Exhumator Scaverous, so here he is in the (lack of) flesh.

Enrico said he went with Scaverous because he fit my play style: I like complexity. I’d rather lose in an attempt that’s interesting/complicated/not strightforward rather than win with a right-down-the-gullet beatstick (hence my Hexeris2 and Morghoul2 preference in Skorne). He probably saw me try the goofy two-handed throw assassination with Morghoul2 too often. It’s that “use the Cyclops Brute’s animus, throw Morghoul2, he sacks his attack but advances and then casts Flashing Blade a bunch while drawing from the Agonizer” level of complexity that I tend toward. And Scaverous is absolutely the same way. With Telekinesis, Ghost Walk, Feast of Worms, Icy Grip and a feat that lets him use them all boosted, he can pull off some really strange vectors and attacks. So he’ll be great for Journeyman games!

3 Withershadow Combine

Because I am running Scaverous, it seemed that the Withershadow Combine was a natural addition. They’re good models, and give a lot of tech that many lists need in Cryx (Puppet Master and spell removal). And they synergize with Scaverous’ feat turn to make certain they hit with their magic attacks.

4 Necrotechs

I also added some Necrotechs. Journeyman is somewhat warjack heavy because of the starting boxes, and I tend to like a few more heavies and lights in my lists than most people, so bringing some repair options for them seemed like a definite positive.

5 More Scrap ThrallsMy Scrap Thralls are getting different colors than the dark blue that I’m using for the rest of my army. I wanted them to look like they really were assembled on the run with whatever warjack bits were lying around on the battlefield.

Everyone has been painting a lot for the league, so I wanted to show off all the different battles from the past two weeks of the league. These are only the ones I remembered to get a photo from (I’m slacking, apparently)–but it shows the great variety of forces. And the fact that while everyone else varies color schemes on their forces, Khador insists on being painted Khador red.

6 Cryx vs Thornfall AllianceThey’re going hog-wild!

7 Khador vs LegionThe Scythean faces DOOOOOOM!

8 Cryx vs KhadorWhat happens when both forces decide to do the denied flank–on opposite sides.

9 Cryx vs ThornfallRyan’s Bane Thralls made a mess of the pigs, but the hogs still managed to finish Deneghra.

10 Khador vs CygnarThe classic match-up: Khador and Cygnar

11 Cryx vs Khador 2Doom Reavers are no one’s friend, especially not my Cryx’s.

12 Thornfall vs Cryx againNo shot of Scaverous, but this was my first game with him. His completely convoluted plan to assassinate Helga failed at the last moment (the backup backup was an attack on my own Scrap Thrall that had ran next to her). Yet he survived her assassination attempt due to bad dice, and finished her in very ordinary fashion on my turn–a couple slashes to the face with his magic scythe. 

Overall weeks 3 and 4 of the league went well. I lost more than I won, but I’m starting to get the hang of Cryx–still prone to mistakes because I have such a Hordes brain, but good learning experience.

Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Total 2015: 41 (Win/Loss: 29/12/0)

12 Wins (Fiona, Sorscha, Morvahna2, Ossrum, Borka, Kaelyssa, Stryker, Venethrax, Butcher, Thagrosh, Exulon)   /   3 Losses (Kromac, Kaelyssa/Kaya, Borka)



2 Wins (Asphyxious, Stryker3)  /   5 Losses (Kaelyssa, Asphyxious2, Saeryn+Rhyas, Kromac, Kreoss2)


7 Wins (Stryker, Sorscha, Lylyth, Deneghra, Helga)  /  3 Losses (Sorscha, Sorscha2, Dr. Arkadius)

Protectorate of Menoth:
3 Wins (Morvahna2, Kaelyssa)   /   0 Losses

Legion of Everblight:
5 Wins (Caine2, Kaya, Sorscha, Rahn)   /   1 Loss (Fiona)

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