Nearing the End

Nearing the End

The Drawbridge Games Journeyman League that I am running just hit its fifth week, so it was time to move up to 35 points. This week was all painting for me, as I added two new Warcasters to my total but didn’t manage to squeeze a game in (when there’s an odd number, the league organizer sits out). That takes me up to 28 points painted for January and 2016 in the one point-per-day challenge.

Goreshade3 FinishedI wasn’t too keen on Goreshade until I read some of his fluff that links to him plaguing Retribution of Scyrah. Definitely a cool incarnation of the model. 

Skarre2 FinishedSkarre2, Queen of the Broken Coast. I really like how the model turned out. At first I felt it was an odd pose, but now I’m really digging it. I’m still searching for which caster(s) in Cryx I feel comfortable with, and there’s some strong reasons that it might be Skarre2 (defensive feat and flexible strategy are two strong items in the plus column). 

Journeyman Week 5 1We had great turnout for the Journeyman league overall (fourteen total players)–the tables were packed with generals clashing.

Journeyman Week 5 2Ryan’s Iron Lich Asphyxious army versus Tony’s Caine-led Cygnar force. Ryan has become the come-from-behind warnoun assassin of note for the league. He caught me with it once, and this time he caught Caine as well. Never count Asphyxious out. 

Journeyman Week 5 3The controlled advance of Kevin’s Puppet Masters force led by Exulon Thexus faces off against Dan’s fast advance and shooting-heavy Sorscha2 army. 

Journeyman Week 5 4There’s no match up more classic than Kreoss versus Sorscha. 

Journeyman Week 5 5At the next table over, it was an epic version of the same match, as Terry’s Kreoss2 faced off against Colton’s Sorscha2.

Journeyman Week 5 6Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders realize the Doom Reavers have magic weapons.

Journeyman Week 7 FinishedA wild match up of Tony’s Cygnar (with Caine) versus Rico’s Legion of Everblight being led by Thagrosh. Bad luck ruled the day for Legion, as there was a critical moment in a Mutagenisis assassination run ruined by an over-ambitious Naga Nightlurker that killed rather than only damaged the target that was being softened up.

No new progress for me on the battles front, but a great day of gaming nonetheless. This Journeyman league is really working well, making Thursday nights a great night of gaming in the Pittsburgh area.

366 Points Challenge Progress (2016):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2016: 2 (Win/Loss: 1/1/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


1 Win (Caine)  /  1 Loss (Asphyxious)

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