On Friday night I got a chance to finally set Goreshade3 on the table for the first time, matching up against Rob’s Legion of Everblight list. Got a couple of pictures in the midst of things.

His Legion list was led by Lylyth2, who had two Ravagores, a Shredder, and a Naga Nightlurker in the Battlegroup. Plus support staff and two Strider Deathstalkers. Oh, and the Blightbringer. How can one forget that monstrosity? The list was tight and shooty, and was going to be a rough challenge for my force.

Goreshade3 v Lylyth2Just a bit of shooting in the opposing list… There used to be a left flank of Mechanithralls…

My force was Goreshade3, with a Leviathan, Hell Diver, Deathripper, and Nightwretch in the battlegroup. Mechanithralls, Bile Thralls, and the Revenant Crew of the Atramentous formed the bulk of my force, with the Withershadow Combine and a Necrotech rounding it out.

Goreshade3 v BlightbringerGoreshade3 stares down the massive form of the Blightbringer that rose beyond the forest.


The battle ended up being pretty close. My side took horrific casualties, but I got some luck in one of the Ravagores destroying their own objective and the speed of Goreshade to dominate the right zone. The Everblight player was only able to toe the Blightbringer into the zone to contest the following turn, so all I needed to do was take it down. The Leviathan turned to melee, and as always hit like a truck. The Helldiver also did some damage, but the beast was still up and only Goreshade was left. He charged in, and did a ton of damage but not quite enough (I think it was only five boxes left). Legion was then able to swoop in for the caster kill with ease.

I made some placing mistakes, and got muddled by the forest in the middle for a turn too long on a couple of key pieces. Overall I was pleased–Lylyth certainly butchered my forces but I wasn’t shot off the table and got more competitive as the game went on in my estimation. A few dice higher, or perhaps putting Scything Touch on the Leviathan rather than keeping the focus on Goreshade3 for his run in that last turn would have swung it to a win for me.

Great game and fun opponent–it’s good as I’m learning Cryx to play against people who have familiarity with the force.

366 Points Challenge Progress (2016):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2016: 3 (Win/Loss: 1/2/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


1 Win (Caine)  /  2 Losses (Asphyxious, Lylyth2)

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