The Journey Ends

The Journey Ends

Well, we reached the end of our winter Journeyman League. It was spread a bit more than six straight weeks because of the holidays, but I judge it to be a great success. We had 13 total players show up, including two who split a 2-player starter box on the first night and started building the models right there. Everyone made progress painting, and almost every player earned the full badge set! Glad we got the reinforcements booster!

For the last event, we changed up the scenario from the league ones as people were wanting a bit of variety. For my game, I finally got a chance to play against Colton’s Khador. He had been using Sorscha as well as Karchev in the league, and I was excited to face off against his Karchev list. First up painting, then a bit from my battle, before the rest of the league.

A ShrikeCompleted my Shrike bonejack. Modified slightly to be flying, rather than taking off. Takes me to 34 points painted for the year!

Cryx 1My army arrayed for battle. Even at 35 points, Cryx makes for a fearsome large battle line.

Cryx 2Colton’s Khador line of battle, led by Karchev the Terrible at the front. Less widespread, certainly, but equally imposing as the Cryx line. I had my work cut out for me. 

Cryx 3The battle was joined, and Karchev led the way all across the board to the flag on my side. My poor Defiler was no match for the armored destruction. 

Cryx 4Goreshade3 followed suit, and rode across to the opposite flag himself. To win the game, I merely needed to defeat one destroyer. It took me a full turn of Goreshade3 and the Mechanithralls, then surviving the return attacks from the crippled warjack, and finishing it off the next round. Man, those crabjacks are tough! I managed to pull off the win, but only just. 

Other 1Other games from the evening. Andy’s Thornfall Alliance hog squad against Terry’s Protectorate of Menoth–the smell of bacon grilled on the flames of the righteous!

Other 2Brandon’s Trenchers dig into the zone, firing madly at Dan’s advancing Khador line. 

Other 5Another game for Brandon’s Trenchers, this time facing fellow Cygnarian compatriots in Tony’s force. 

Other 6Careful application of force can sometimes trump raw numbers. Ryan’s Cryx had been the most successful faction at racking up caster kills through the league, but this time the kill went to Rico’s Legion of Everblight. A bow shot and Parasite from Lylyth onto Asphyxious made him quick work when the Carnivean trampled in. 

Other 7The conclusion of the Protectorate/Thornfall match between Andy and Terry. Beautiful models on both sides lured me to get an extra shot of the action. 

Z Journeyman CrewMost of the Journeyman crew. From left to right: Andy, Tony, Ryan, Rico, Dan, Brandon, Colton, and Terry (I took the photo). We had a grand total of 13 players who participated in more than one evening of the event, with 11 who participated in all but 1-2 nights. 

Awards were as follows: 

Overall Journeyman Points: Dan

Most Hobby Points: Andy

Most Battle Points: Tony

All told, a great time. The next events planned at Drawbridge are a “Who’s the Boss” tournament at the end of February, and then participating in the Privateer Press Company of Iron campaign. With all the great painters and modelers, I’m pumped about that event!

366 Points Challenge Progress (2016):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2016: 4 (Win/Loss: 2/2/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


2 Wins (Caine, Karchev)  /  2 Losses (Asphyxious, Lylyth2)

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