Carnage at the Confluence

Carnage at the Confluence

The breeding pens had been set, and the restless howl of the accumulated dragonspawn created a roar in the underground burrows. Thagrosh stalked between the pens, pleased at his plans. Rumors of the bones of a lost kin of Toruk named Vorspark*, and the fragmented Athanc they might contain, were turned up by a group of long-ranging Strider Blightblades. They had captured and tortured a Greylord scholar who tended an ancient archive in the northern plains. He revealed a bit of lore that led to more: Vorspark’s Athanc was indeed most likely hidden near the confluence of the Irkel river in northern Khador. 

Yet the location posed a problem. The armies of Khador were spread across nothern provinces retraining and staging for potential southerly pursuits. Even more complicated, the location of the Athanc was right where two large Kriels of Trollbloods had been permitted to resettle as a gesture of good faith by Khador after the Trolls were betrayed by Cygnar. The sheer number of potential foes meant it was time for the Legion of Everblight to strike in true force for the last time.

Thagrosh had summoned all of the commanders, even those he clashed with in the past. The potential of recovering and utilizing another Athanc was too great–especially one that Toruk seemed to have no knowledge about. He sent gangs of captured laborers and the Blighted Ogruns that owned them to hollow out a staging area for the armies of Everblight amidst the winding tributaries of the Tapping River which lay north of the Irkel river. With a huge supply of new beasts created, and tribes of Blighted Nyss creeping southward to support them, Thagrosh and the Legion of Everblight were poised to spread their Wargroups out and drive into the heart of the Irkel river. It would not be long before the ranging scouts of Khador and the Trollblood Kriels would notice them and summon a response in force. It was time to strike, and the howl of beasts in the tunnels would be unleashed in full. 


*One of the smaller kin of Toruk, potential “Dragon Y” on the known lore of Immoren.

Battle of the Five Forks Campaign Map

Get ready for a new Warmachine and Hordes campaign at Drawbridge Games: Carnage at the Confluence. The battle lines are set, and rules on how the campaign will run can be found here.

Starting Week Confluence of CarnageThe map above has the tiles marked with starting positions for Wargroups–the units functioning as a combined army of sorts. The legend below shows which Warcasters and Warlocks lead each Wargroup.

Legion Wargroups Code Khador + Trollbloods Wargroups Code
Thagrosh T Butcher and Gunnbjorn BG
Lylyth L Sorscha and Grim SG
Saeryn and Rhyas SR Karchev and Grissel KG
Vayl V Strakov, Calandra, and Jarl SCJ
Absylonia A Vlad and Doomshaper VD
Kallus and Bethayne KB Irusk, Zerkova, and Madrak IZM
Harkevich, Old Witch, and Borka HOWB

While Khador and Trollbloods have shed blood in the past, an uneasy truce exists for now between them. However, the machinations of Cryx, Cygnar, and Circle Orboros operatives in the area may yet drive these erstwhile allies apart.

Campaign games will start on Thursday, May 5th.

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