Beer Tier

Beer Tier

I got in three games this week with my Trollbloods, as I continue practicing with them. And first up, a whole heap of Trollbloods painting I managed to finish:

1 Trollbloods Skaldi Bonehammer Champions UA Stone Scribe ChroniclerSkaldi Bonehammer and a Stone Scribe Chronicler. I forgot to finish the base of the Stone Scribe in this shot, and I did a few more highlights on his face, but they’re basically finished. I’m very pleased with how Skaldi turned out. 

2 Trollbloods ChampionsAlso finished a unit of Trollkin Champions to go along with Skaldi. I’m really liking the mostly dark armor with mixed lighter bits. Felt like they have a nasty look to them that way. 

1 Trollbloods Troll Whelps And finally, I finished a second unit of Troll Whelps. That makes two blocks of five total, so I’ve got about as much fury management as I can possibly fit in (it also helps me toward a different tier list goal). 

On the gaming side, this week I got in two games for the campaign at Drawbridge, and then on Sunday I nabbed a game at Legions with a friendly Mercenaries player.

4 Trollbloods vs CryxThe first Thursday game was against Terry’s Cryx, led by Skarre. The game was 35 points, and I fielded by Borka Drunk and Disorderly tier in the game. We played Outflank, the Steamroller scenario with the two big circular zones. Because there were two big obstructions (two houses) that kind of split the board (in the pic above you can see the gap between the zones), the game ran pretty fast… I managed to clear the zone on the side I went for first, so I got a lead in scenario points and the Cryx couldn’t keep up. A fun game, as Terry is a great player to play against–especially because he has some amazingly gorgeous paint jobs (the image above doesn’t do them justice). 

5 Trollbloods Grissel vs Circle Orboros Fox ThemeThe second Thursday game I got in a smaller points match-up (25) against Roger’s great fox-colored Circle Orboros army. I ran Grissel just for a change of pace. I managed to survive a pretty nasty assassination run from Kaya and a Feral Warpwolf, thanks to good old Tough. Then Grissel finished the job herself the following turn. Definitely a fun match-up. 

2 Borka Drunk and Disorderly Tier 4  For the game on Sunday, I brought my 50 point Borka Drunk and Disorderly tier 4 list. Almost completely painted–just needed a bit more work and touching up of the Trollkin Scouts. I faced off against my opponent Savage’s Ashlynn Mercenaries list that was a Galleon and stacked with Gun Mages and other shooting threats. I managed to weather the storm of her feat turn fairly well, and the grind got to the point where Borka’s sheer defensiveness was becoming a problem. My opponent went for the assassination, managing to get the pieces in place to “lock” Borka down and not stumble away. Ashlynn did her best to kill him personally, but came up just short. And then the Freezer animus from a nearby Winter Troll left her stationary. It looked like Borka and crew would easily finish her off, but one activation remained. Savage took a shot with his Mule Warjack, targeting his own caster in the back. He managed to hit her (stationary and back strike but in combat), and the shot didn’t kill her. But the AOE damage rolled just enough to finish Borka off and a Tough roll didn’t save him. It was a great game, and the way he won the game was super-memorable. I was laughing pretty hard at the absurdity of it. Great fun. 

366 Points Challenge Progress (2016):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2016: 37 (Win/Loss: 22/15/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


6 Wins (Karchev x2, Vayl2, Lylyth, Kaya, Skarre) / 7 Losses (Adeptis Rahn, Kromac, Caine2, Borka2, Kaya, Rhyas, Ashlynn)


4 Wins (Caine, Karchev, Skarre, Vlad)  /  3 Losses (Asphyxious, Lylyth2, Goreshade3)


12 Wins (Butcher x2, Deneghra, Shae, Sorscha2, Feora2, Severius, Skarre x2, Kreoss2, Borka, Kaya2)/ 5 Losses (Rask, Xerxis, Butcher3, Thagrosh, Zerkova2)

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