Journeyman Mark III

Journeyman Mark III

Mark III of Warmachine and Hordes has brought not only a bunch of new players to our area, but a lot of excitement for switching factions and trying new forces. Thus, we decided to start with a Journeyman League. It’s the best way for new players to get involved and build up to regular-sized army lists. So far we’ve had a whopping 16 players show up and play at least one game in the League. This page will track the advancement of the League, with player standings and pictures of the clashes and painting progress. Players shouldn’t be disheartened though: remember that you get the full starter design patch and three bars for getting a game in all six weeks, whether you win or lose.


Given that we had so many players, Drawbridge Games‘ order for prize support got listed as two sets, so we had the luck to be able to award the reward patches to the top two in each category.

Destroyer Award: Given to the players who were awarded the most Destroyer points in the league, out of a total possible of 12 (six for painting over the six weeks, and six for tying for most wins in a given week was how we ran things). Ryan Nolte finished with an impressive 10/12 total points. Paul Zellem finished right behind him with 9/12 total points, with his final game of the League a win against Michael De Rosa’s Cygnar (which if Paul lost, could have changed the final standings at the time of the game, as Michael would have had an opportunity to tie Paul with 8 destroyer points and had the tie-breaker game… but alas, sometimes a Kodiak comes along and finishes off your Warcaster).

5 Journeyman End Khador Kodiak vs Major Beth Maddox

The armored fists of the dreaded Kodiak end up sealing the results. 

Creator Award: Given to the players who had the best painted full 75-point army at the end of the six weeks, voted on by the players. We had to use photos shared on our social media coordination page for some who couldn’t make it the final evening.  The winners were Michael De Rosa’s Cygnar (classic blue in the pics throughout the weeks) and Terry Mealy’s Protectorate of Menoth (classic bone and magenta in the pics throughout the weeks). Apparently our group loves classic color schemes done well!

Journeyman Award: Given to the players who were the best Sports-persons of the League, voted on by the players. The winners were Andy Dobies and Roger Coldren, both well deserving as good sports.

Final Standings

Below are the final gameplay results, completed through six weeks of play. The final week of games (75 points) saw a win total of two or more to net the Destroyer point for the week. Paul Zellem’s Khador rocked his way to two consecutive wins, which gave him the edge (I netted enough for a destroyer point as well, but as the organizer my place doesn’t get counted–I’m just glad that I’ve kind of sorted out a strategy for being competitive with Xerxis2). Note that the forward slash symbol divides each week of the league for tracking purposes, to denote when players earned the points.

Name Faction Win – Loss Total Weekly Painted Bonus Points Destroyer Points
Ryan Nolte Cryx 13-11 1/1/1/1/1/1 1/1/1/0/1/0
Andrew Lotz* Skorne 15-6 1/1/1/1/1/1 1/1/1/0/0/1
Paul Zellem Khador 10-2 1/1/1/1/1/1 0/0/0/1/1/1
Andy Dobies Protectorate 7-4 1/1/1/1/1/1 1/0/0/0/0/0
Michael De Rosa Cygnar 4-9 1/1/1/1/1/1 0/0/0/0/1/0
Dan Hodge Circle 8-1 0/1/1/0/1/1 0/1/0/0/1/0
Roger Coldren Circle 5-6 1/1/1/1/1/1  
Terry Mealy Protectorate 2-3 0/1/1/1/0/1  
Brandon Myers Circle 0-3 1/1/1/0/0/0  
Xavier Walker Circle 5-4 0/0/1/0/0/0 0/0/0/0/1/0
Zach Hirsch Khador 3-5 0/0/0/1/0/1  
Steve Yaworski Retribution 3-2 0/0/1/0/0/0 0/0/0/0/1/0
Colton McBryer Legion 2-2 0/0/0/1/0/0 0/0/0/0/1/0
Tom Kelly Protectorate 1-0 0/0/0/0/1/0 0/0/0/0/1/0
Thomas Jarvis Cygnar 1-6 1/1/0/0/0/0  
Jason Arena Cygnar 3-4 0/0/1/0/0/0  
Jon Forrester Trollbloods 0-5 1/0/0/0/0/0  
Enrico Nardini Mercenaries 0-2 0/0/0/0/0/0
Modifications: We’ll have a gold and a silver finisher for each category (as we have two sets of reward patches), so in case of ties destroyer points will be given to all who win the most games for each week of the league. Likewise there will be two winners of the Creator and Journeyman awards. Of course, the final two finishers will still have to battle it out if they’re close on Week 6 for the ultimate trophy (in addition to the patches). *Also, I don’t count for the order of results or any of the awards as I’m the EO for the event.

Week One: 0-point Battlegroup Box games

2 Drawbridge Journeyman Week One 1

Michael’s excellently painted Cygnar clashed against the might of Andy’s Protectorate. Roger faced off against Brandon in a Circle versus Circle grudge match. And Ryan’s Cryx preyed upon Roger’s Circle, obviously exhausted from the internecine clash just before.

2 Drawbridge Journeyman Week One 2

New player Jon arrived with a fully-painted Trollbloods battlegroup box (kudos!), and it started by taking on Colton’s Legion of Everblight. Tom’s sturdy Cygnar force struggled to rid the woods of Dan’s Circle Orboros. Zach and Paul clashed Khador versus Khador to determine who was the king of the north.

2 Drawbridge Journeyman Week One 3

Jon’s Trollbloods went on to face Roger’s Circle. Steve’s Retribution squared off against the burning fires of my Protectorate of Menoth. And Tom’s Cygnar cagily used a farmhouse to try and hold off the onrushing might of Zach’s Khador.

Week Two: 10 point games, battlegroup only

Journeyman Week 2 Menoth x3

This was a strong week for the holy warriors, as the most combined wins for a faction is heavily skewed toward Protectorate (Circle coming in second). Terry’s Menites clashed with Michael’s Cygnar in a war of faith. And while Andy’s Malekus died to Dan’s Winter Argus, the Jon’s Trollbloods were stopped by a brethren Protectorate force. 

Journeyman Week 2 Additional Battles

Steve’s Griffon danced with Ryan’s bonejack, in a battle marked with some of the worst dice rolls on both sides I’ve seen in a long time. Paul’s Khador menace threw their weight around against Tom’s Cygnar force. And hot Circle-on-Circle action happened between Dan and Roger in a slugfest for the forest.  

Journeyman Week 2 Additional Battles more

Andy’s Protectorate survived a nasty attack by Michael’s Cygnar, and managed to finish off Major Beth Maddox with a final spray. Tom’s Cygnar faced Roger’s Circle, and was slowed by both forest and rift. Xavier’s Pureblood (balanced on a pen cap) started the push against Jason’s Cygnar. 

Week Three: 25 Point Games

Drawbridge Journeyman Week Three 1

Paul’s Khador crashed into Roger’s Circle Orboros and triumphed. Andy’s Protectorate came up short assassinating my Skorne. Michael’s Cygnar shot Ryan’s Cryx to pieces. 

Drawbridge Journeyman Week Three 2

Andy’s Protectorate faced off against Ryan’s Cryx near a country farmhouse. My Skorne managed to barely survive the barrage from Enrico’s Mercenaries. And Paul’s Khador couldn’t quite piece trade against my Skorne. 

Week Four: 50 Point Games and Caster Swap

Drawbridge Journeyman Week Four 1

Michael’s Cygnar boys in blue continued to be led by Major Beth Maddox, but faced a new foe in Andy’s Protectorate of Menoth led by Vindictus. Zach’s steely Khador rumbled against Terry’s Protectorate force. And Paul’s Khador saw Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince take the helm to battle my Skorne, led by Xerxis, the Fury of Halaak. 

Drawbridge Journeyman Week Four 2

Paul’s Khador also managed to triumph in a grind-fest battle against Ryan’s Terminus-led Cryx force. My Skorne pushed hard against Roger’s Circle Orboros, but Xerxis took way too much damage from a free strike early, and got mopped up by a few models at the end. In addition to the Journeyman games this week, we got a bit side-tracked by a Gen-Can’t event that was run: Thunderdome!

Week Five: 65 Point Games

2 Drawbridge Journeyman Week Five 1

Colton was the first to field a Hellmouth with his Legion forces, and Terry’s Protectorate fought valiantly against it… however Kreoss fell to the rampaging Legion beasts. Tom, a brand-new player joining the league in the middle managed the old fastball special with Amon Ad-Raza to take out Beth Maddox and Michael’s Cygnar force. Paul’s Khador clashed against Steve’s expanding Retribution force, and the steady power of the Dawnguard Sentinels wore away even Khador armor. 

2 Drawbridge Journeyman Week Five 2

Michael’s Cygnar is probably used to the religious chants of his foes, as he also faced off against Andy’s Protectorate force. This one was a win for Michael, thanks to a huge swamp that allowed Cygnar to stay at range a bit longer than normal. I took my Skorne into Paul’s Khador, and again got walloped as Xerxis2 is just too fragile for the table it seems. Dan and Roger clashed for the second time with Circle versus Circle warfare–a long grind of a game finally ended with Roger’s version of Tanith defeated. 

Week 6: 75 Point Games

Drawbridge Journeyman Week Six 1

Paul’s Khador successfully defended their icy home against Michael’s Cygnar. Zach’s Khador took the long march, but triumphed over my Skorne. Terry’s religious faithful clashed against Steve’s xenophobic faithful. 

Drawbridge Journeyman Week Six 2

Ryan’s Cryx battled against my Skorne through a ruined forest, and I finally managed to beat Mark III Terminus. Dan’s Circle managed to jam Ryan’s forces between a lake and a house long enough to win their game. And Roger’s fall-time tabletop looked great with his woodland friends themed army, as he and I clashed to get his Week 6 game in.

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