Italians in Action

Italians in Action

Another few weeks, another game of Bolt Action with my Italian force. Time to update with my painting progress and the game I played.

I’ve been wanting to add a tank for a while, so it was time: the Carro Armato M13/40 tank joined my force’s ranks.


I’m reasonably pleased with my M13/40, except for the the unit indicator in red. The black line at first seemed to improve it, but the more I look I think that it would be better without the black border on the symbol. 

This week’s game again had me teaming up with a German force against a large army of the British. We had planned a 2v2 scenario to teach a new player, but with life complications to one of our number we had to proceed together with three: my Italians plus James running the Germans, versus Chris’ host of British infantry. The scenario was envelopment, and not surprisingly the Italians got the position of defender. Yay for national rules (?). Our forces set up on the table edge and waited for the British to appear.


With the German 88 gun suffering numerous pins from preparatory and artillery bombardments, combined with failing their rally test, the British tried for a quick points grab with their armored vehicle. The Italian Elefantino team survived fire from the car to return a shot, and blew it up on their first try. Got to impress the nearby Germans apparently. 


As the British line closed, I worked to take out any real anti-tank threats. Which meant that my tank could run roughshod over the infantry when it came onto the table. Definitely liking the durable yet mobile platform for those machine guns. 


The British soldiers were better off ignoring the tank, so ignore they did. Instead they charged the 88’s position. The gun crew were slaughtered to a man: which meant the great casualty models could find a use. Assaulting Bersaglieri managed to wipe out the British vets in return. That left the Allies side short of the number of units in the Axis deployment zone to scrape a win, so it was victory for the Italians and Germans combined. 

A good game with some improbable dice, which made it all the more memorable. I’m looking forward to finishing up some more infantry for my force, as that’s what it really needs.

Battles (Bolt Action):

Overall Totals 2017: 4 (Win/Loss: 2/2/0)

Italians: 2 Wins / 2 Losses

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