Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

It’s been a while, but I finally got a chance to get in some Bolt Action again. I’ve so far shown my Italians here, but this time my Japanese took the field. They’re still a little rough in the paint department–something I’m hoping to get into shape soon. But I wanted to show off the fun game anyhow.

1 Bolt Action Pacific Board

I mainly wanted to show off the great table that Ryan has started. He’s got many more plans for adding Pacific elements to it for our clashes. We’re also plotting an extensive Guadalcanal series of games to structure our ongoing play. 

2 Bolt Action Japanese Soldier

This Japanese solider is the completed look of what most of my uniforms will be. I’m actually doing a Nomonhan force, not a pacific island force, but they’ll be fine for the purposes of our games. Here he’s sneaking around the jungle treeline to strike at the Marines command taking cover behind the fence. 

3 Bolt Action US Marines

Ryan’s Marines are in better shape than my Japanese. They’re looking really good as a force. 

4 Bolt Action Japanese LMG

The game itself was pretty rough. My sniper team managed to do well, and I had an amusing moment where one of my anti-tank suicide teams charged the Marines’ sniper and took them out in combat. But otherwise, until I get more numbers done for my squads I’m going to struggle with the Japanese. 

Battles (Bolt Action):

Overall Totals 2017: 5 (Win/Loss: 2/3/0)

Japanese: 0 Wins / 1 Loss

Italians: 2 Wins / 2 Losses

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