Ancients and Machines

Ancients and Machines

Game on, game on. This post has a whole heap of Skorne games with my growing Immortals collection, plus some silly Convergence experimentation.

On the painting side of things, I’ve just not been feeling my Retribution force. I love the color scheme when it’s done, but getting the red tones right is laborious. So I decided to just dabble a little with yet another Warmachine faction: Convergence of Cyriss. Yeah, I know. I should focus on one faction (Skorne) or just stick with Retribution.

Convergence of Cyriss Inverter

I started with an Inverter, as it seemed like the ubiquitous choice for both the game and practicing painting. After a first attempt that I greatly misliked, I moved to this scheme which I am much more pleased with. 

2 Convergence of Cyriss Father Lucant

I also finished up Father Lucant for my Convergence of Cyriss. I’m particularly pleased with how he turned out. I’m liking the ceramic-looking select plates, and the light blue of the robes isn’t too off-putting (that’s the bit I struggled with the most). I’m working on the glow effects, and the one on the top of his staff is the one that I’m most proud of so far. 

Skorne Immortals Jade

I also painted up another unit of Immortals for my Skorne army. They’re on the left, meeting the first unit I completed on the right. 

I traveled during the start of March, so I was a bit slow on games at the start of this month. Managed to sneak a few in though, and then the floodgate opened as I got a bunch in all right in a row.

Skorne Zaal1 vs Makeda1

Started out with a Skorne vs. Skorne match-up against Kevin. He fielded Makeda1, while I tested out my first draft of a Zaal1 list. I survived a pretty good assassination attempt, and managed to get four Last Stand-buffed charging Immortals onto Makeda1 during feat turn. The boosts to hit were enough to connect, and despite transfers managed to knock her out. Her self-harm on her own feat turn helped a great deal. It was a very close match and a great learning experience about how Zaal1 runs (and how Exalted models trip all over each other if I’m not careful). 

Skorne Zaal1 vs Skorne Makeda1 Again

My initial attempt at Zaal1 hit the field again, against Ryan’s… Skorne… using Makeda1. A little bit of deja vu, but different options change the battle considerably. The big object in the middle of the battlefield had two arches, but charging would have to be straight thru because of size and angles. That lead to a bit of round-robin, and Ryan’s swordsmen started out of place and facing incorporeal solos which proved to be the definite edge I needed. 

Zaal1 Melee Assassination

The game was the Crossroads of Courage Season 3 Week 3 scenario, with teleporting circles. There was a bonus for having your warcaster/warlock in them with an assassination, so I actually had to have Zaal1 go for it to seal the deal. The rest of the army killed Makeda’s transfer targets, and he teleported to the ring. Casting Last Stand on myself meant that I needed to succeed or I’d lose my caster (for those unfamiliar: any model that attacks under Last Stand is destroyed at the end of the turn). Took a few swings with my puny weapon, but managed to finish her off. 

1 Zaal1 Kovass vs Mercenaries Drake MacBain

My next game was against Andy’s Mercenaries, led by Drake MacBain. I took Zaal1 again. This time I got into a bad situation on attrition, but was able to use incorporeal to my benefit even in the face of MacBain’s ugly feat. Thanks to the Feat turn, the soul-loaded Kovass got the job done with assassination. 

2 Zaal1 Skorne vs Cryx Venethrax

Following that, I faced Ryan’s Venethrax list. And the exact opposite of what won me the game against Andy happened. I got into the spot where I was ahead on attrition that he took a chance on assassination and managed to kill Zaal1. 

3 Skorne Titan Cannoneer vs Circle Orboros Wolves of Orboros

Still more Zaal1, this one against Charles’ Circle Orboros army led by Grayle. This one was right down to the wire, but I managed to pull out the assassination victory. You know it’s bad when you’re counting on the Titan Cannoneer to hold one side against melee infantry.

4 Zaal1 Skorne vs Kaya3 Circle Orboros

Onward to the weekend, where I played… Zaal1 again. Heh. This time I faced off against Larry IV’s Circle army, led by Kaya3. He wasn’t ready for how destructive my Immortals can be with Last Stand, so it went my way pretty fast. I definitely want a re-match at some point when he knows my list a little better and has more experience with Kaya3. 

5 Hexy2 Skorne vs Makeda2 Skorne

Following that match, I faced Larry III’s Skorne force in a grand Skorne-off. He had Makeda2 and Xerxis1 as options, and I was reasonably certain he’d be bringing Makeda2. Because neither list I brought had an answer. I decided to drop Hexy2, which wasn’t a particularly good plan. It didn’t help that I came up short on what could have been a more aggressive play. He definitely had the upper hand in the game, and finally finished off Hexy2. While I’m okay with Zaal1, I definitely need a pairing for him that isn’t Hexy2. 

6 Father Lucant vs Venethrax

Final game of this cycle, I broke down and put mostly unpainted Convergence of Cyriss onto the table. I have been trying to play as fully painted as possible, but in some discussions people said that I paint fast enough that I should just play what I want–and let my play drive my painting passion. So it was time for Lucant to strike out against foes. 

I faced Ryan’s Venethrax list with some heavy modifications from the last time I clashed. I got on a bad start from the beginning as I didn’t have the ability to land things close enough to deny him points on the friendly flag. I was ahead in attrition, but time and score conspired to make me have to get too aggressive with Lucant. He rumbled up and did a great job against a sea of Warjacks (notching four total if my memory count is correct–two heavies and two bonejacks), but his urge to get up left him too easy prey for Venethrax who ended things with a charge of his own. I was honestly just glad to get a little table time with my Convergence. As I’m planning on doing some silly things with them going forward, and their induction system for Focus is a little wonky. 

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 34 (Win/Loss 25/9/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 2 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax)

Convergence of Cyriss:

0 Wins / 1 Loss (Venethrax)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)


4 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn) / 1 Loss (Feora3)

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