Steam for the Steamroller

Steam for the Steamroller

So I’m just starting out with some Convergence of Cyriss. What better place to practice than a Steamroller? Answer: plenty. This week I attended a qualifier for the Appalachian Cup tournament and finished Fifth overall with my Convergence. I also got in a healthy amount of painting and a quick game with my Skorne as well.

First, as always, is the painting:

1 Convergence of Cyriss Corollary

Corollary. The essential piece of Convergence technology. And an amazing puzzle to be solved while playing. Getting it in the right spot to start AND end your turns for maximum focus efficiency is a definite art form. And I’m just starting out. 

2 Convergence of Cyriss Reflex Servitors

The Convergence theme list Destruction Initiative is all the rage, so I had to get some servitors ready to go with it. Above are my first finished ones: two groups of Reflex Servitors. Little mechanical land mines waiting to blow up enemy infantry. 

For the Steamroller, I managed to get enough silver base coat onto everything to make it at least passably appealing, and broke my general rule of “play it painted”. I went down to Morgantown, WV for a qualifier for the Appalachian Cup, and had a great time. I played two new people, one person I haven’t faced since Mark II, and a player I’ve run into in fun games as well as tourney games in the past. I brought two lists, a Lucant list in theme and a Sytherion list with some infantry. If you’re the one person that actually follows my blog, you’ll know that I’ve at least played Lucant once before–but I’ve never had Syntherion hit the table. With the requirement of fielding each list at least once in the tourney, I was surprised to finish where I did. My only loss was with that Syntherion list of untested awfulness (tho I lost more to the quality play of my opponent to be sure). I’ll share my Father Lucant list below, as that was the only list that’s worth sharing:

Convergence of Cyriss – Lucant
Theme: Destruction Initiative
4 / 4 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army
Bunker – Steamroller Objective

Father Lucant, The Divinity Architect – WJ: +28
–    Corollary – PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 6)
–    Inverter – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)
–    Cipher – PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)
–    Cipher – PC: 16
–    Conservator – PC: 12
–    Diffuser – PC: 6
–    Galvanizer – PC: 5

Transfinite Emergence Projector – PC: 19
–    Permutation Servitors

Reflex Servitors – 3 Reflex Servitors: 0
Reflex Servitors – 3 Reflex Servitors: 0
Attunement Servitors – 3 Attunement Servitors: 0
Attunement Servitors – 3 Attunement Servitors: 0

Optifex Directive – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4
Optifex Directive – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4

THEME: Destruction Initiative

GENERATED : 04/04/2017 14:15:08
BUILD ID : 2038.17-03-15

3 Convergence Lucant vs Cygnar Maddox

My first game, I squared off against Andrew M’s Maddox list in theme. The cool thing about these qualifiers is that lists are submitted in advance, and pairings for the first round are made public. Andrew had a Sloan list as well as Maddox, and given my Lucant list I had a pretty good idea that that’s what I had to drop no matter what–but that he would know that and likely drop Maddox. I was correct, and we faced off. Attrition was mixed for both of us, but my servitors slowed him down a bit. He had an opening to have both of his heavies beat back into Lucant, so he went for it. The first was stopped with Watcher, but the second did get there. Lucant got lucky on damage rolls and I was able to survive the attempt and go on to win. It was a great game, and Andrew was definitely the most fun opponent I’ve played in quite some time. Was a great game, and it was for sure luck that got me thru–a bit higher on his final roll and Lucant would have been dirt. 

4 Convergence Syntherion vs Retribution Helynna

Second game I faced Rob’s Helynna list, that featured three Manticores. Syntherion was my drop as there were too many weapon masters on his side of the table for Lucant’s warjack-heavy list. I made a bunch of mistakes in the game that didn’t help me any,  but Rob was also clearly in better positions and able to dictate the flow of the game. It was fun, but I definitely need to get some practice in with Syntherion before fielding him again. With a loss, but not locked in a later round, I proceeded onward. 

5 Convergence Lucant vs Cygnar Haley2

Third game was against Josh’s Haley2 list (again, choosing his not-Sloan drop due to Lucant being a likely drop from me). It went much like my first game against Cygnar. Good opponent, fun match up, got to the point where he went for it on Lucant and came up short. At that point, with Haley’s feat gone, he was going to lose his Stormclad to Lucant and there were three Convergence heavies positioned to charge the Stormwall–not to mention Haley2 standing far too close to Warjacks for comfort. Ended with a win for me. 

6 Convergence Lucant vs Minions Rask

My fourth game I faced Larry IV’s Minions. He had Rask and Barnabas, and he saw clearly that I was likely to drop Lucant. With all those steady models, Rask seemed like the effective choice. We had a good match, maneuvering around the central zone of the Pit scenario. We traded turns of denying the other person scoring, and reached a 2-2 tie in scenario points. The firepower of the Transfinite Emergence Projector began to weigh on his gatormen, however. I managed to get to the point where I could take out the warbeasts that weren’t on full Fury, and then shoot the TEP into Rask to end the game with a pair of sprays. 

Overall I was really pleased with my performance, as 5th place is about the best I’ve ever done in a Steamroller this size. Best part was all four of my opponents were great people, and that always makes gaming all the more fun.

The day after the Steamroller, I nabbed one more game with my buddy Charles, continuing our campaign story.

7 Skorne Morghoul1 vs Circle Orboros Grayle

Morghoul1 had been dispatched by Zaal1 after discovering four ruins of power, and tasked with opening them. Grayle, who had faced Zaal1 in the past, showed up again to try and stop him. While I managed to unlock enough ruins during the game to progress the story scenario in favor of Skorne, Morghoul1 himself was felled by Grayle after my assassination attempt came up short. I managed to get behind him, but that still wasn’t enough to end his attack. I should have known that Morghoul1 was a little feeble as an assassin, and put Admonition on myself to move away when he turned to face me. But I went for it greedily with buying additional attacks. Double-strike is so tempting with him, but P+S 9 is just feeble. The only thing close were some paingivers, as my Bronzeback was still a turn away from getting into the fray. Grayle turned around and manged to eat thru my single transfer and finish Morghoul1 off with little problem. 

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 39 (Win/Loss 28/11/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 3 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax, Grayle)

Convergence of Cyriss:

3 Wins (Maddox, Haley2, Rask) / 2 Losses (Venethrax, Helynna)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)


4 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn) / 1 Loss (Feora3)


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