A Monstrous Mistake?

A Monstrous Mistake?

So my last post was pretty positive about Protectorate. And then I proceeded to remember why I stalled with them the past few times I’ve done them. I just don’t feel pulled to paint that scheme, particularly the infantry that I had to complete (40 or so Exemplars for the Testament list). So it was a bit of back-to-the-drawing-board. And I decided to resurrect a force that I haven’t fielded since October 2015: Legion of Everblight. In Mark II I played mostly Skorne, but before even that I amassed a Legion of Everblight army at the very start of Mark II through when I started up with Skorne. They were pirate-themed, converted to have tricorn hats and ship-decking bases, and generally pretty enjoyable. They’re where I cut my teeth as a Warmachine and Hordes player–a whole lot of Saeryn1 and Vayl1 reps under my belt from back then.

And now instead of going with Protectorate of Menoth, I’m actually thinking of getting back into Legion. This may very well be a monstrous mistake, as I have a more Protectorate I can paint and field compared to what I can do for Legion. That said, I’m just not feeling it with Protectorate. And I had an idea. I was looking at the models and thinking about color scheme (because I want to do a new one, rather than my current purple-skin, orange-spectrum chitin look). And I realized that the feathers on all of the Nyss could be the focal points of those models, and they looked somewhat Aztec in a way. And I realized I’m going to try for that sort of look to my force.


These images give a good sense of what colors I’m thinking of using for feathers and armor. Feathers will be reds, blues, teals, rare greens, and purples. Armor brown/yellow/bone/gold hues (going to work on that part). If I use the jaguar skin look anywhere is unlikely, tho maybe certain fabrics to represent pelts. 

So here’s my first test model, a Blighted Nyss Shepard. I was most inspired by the colors of the woman with the bird headdress: muted palate, blue tone feathers, yellow armor. I’m skipping the red tone, as it will keep the model in a more simple two-tone that I like.

Blighted Nyss Shepherd Legion of Everblight

Yeah, the base is still incomplete–I ordered a set of Aztec-themed bases from Dragonforge, but they’ll be a while until they get completed and shipped to me. It’s a great company, but just a single dude who casts his product on request. So gotta wait a bit on those, but it should be worth it if they turn out right. Check them out:

Dragonforge Aztex Bases

As for games, these first few were pretty ugly because I’m running lists more on what I have painted and table-ready (even if in old scheme) than what is really good with those Warlocks. However I need to start getting reps, no matter how the models are painted, so I can feel more confident with the force. I went with a mix of a new Warlock (Thagrosh2) that I’ve always wanted to try, and a classic I feel semi-comfortable with (Vayl1) as my first pairing attempt for these games.

Vayl1 vs Denny1

Vayl1 takes the field against Deneghra1. I lost my first game with Thagrosh2 when I came up one attack short on Denny1 (and totally forgot to Feat… which would have led to the winning attack on a Scourge-knocked-down Denny). I won this game in the same way, he just couldn’t finish off Vayl1 thanks to enough transfers. Which led to a Incited Raek surviving a free strike and getting onto Denny without any Focus for an assassination. 

It’s a start at least. Now more games will slowly let me shape things up. A new model painted, a lesson learned, bases completed. It’ll be a long road, but I’m excited about the promise of this faction and this year of gaming. Is it a monstrous mistake to go down this road rather than Protectorate? Time will see.

365 Points Challenge Progress (2018):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2018: 14 (Win/Loss 6/8); 2017: 120 (Win/Loss 86/34): 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14)

Legion of Everblight:

1 Wins (Denny1) / 1 Losses (Denny1)

Protectorate of Menoth:

4 Wins (Gaspy2, Helynna, Vlad2, Sorscha1) / 0 Losses

Convergence of Cyriss:

1 Win (Haley3) / 7 Losses (Heretic, Rask, Kaelyssa, Xerxis, Siege2, Testament, Bradigus)


One thought on “A Monstrous Mistake?

  1. If you can replace the bat wings on the flying beasts with feathered ones, you would get a pseudo quetzalcoatal look, which could work.


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