Week One Power Rankings – DBBL 2018

Week One Power Rankings – DBBL 2018

This post is the highlight coverage of week one of the 2018 Drawbridge Blood Bowl League. This link has the full current standings . Don’t forget you can also view the League Rules and check out the Endorsements page.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 8.51.58 PM

Chris Killingsworth: Well John, it certainly was an exciting week one of play in the Drawbridge Blood Bowl League.

John Flatten: It sure was Chris.

Chris: Before we talk our power rankings, do you have any thoughts about how the League is going?

John: Well Chris, it seems clear that the teams that are scoring more points are winning their games. My advice to teams not scoring points: score more.

Chris: Insightful commentary as always John. Okay, let’s get to our power rankings. Right now most of the action has happened in the East Division, but I know that this coming weekend the West Division is sure to heat up.

John: We’ve seen some great games already, and the rivalries are definitely heating up. Rising star Hrnnnrhnnhr from the Trauma Bay Buccaneers is in particular trouble for that aggressive Tweet he posted after their loss to the Green-Gray Plaguers on Sunday.

Blood Bowl Chaos Beastmen Tweet

Chris: Oooh, yeah. This is a family game. There’s no room in Blood Bowl for that sort of language.

John: Well, let’s get to the power rankings. Number one has to be those Green-Grey Plaguers. They’re sitting atop the East Division with a 2-0 record in division play.

Chris: Remember, they’re playing from behind as well. They lost one of their Pestigors early on: the right blocker, Goiter. He suffered a savage kick to his goiter, no less, which took him out of action, permanently.

John: That kick was clearly a foul.

Chris: Well, the Pestigor was foul himself so it probably evens out in the referee’s eyes.

John: Second up in our power rankings is the leading West Division team: Honest to Gob. Their win over the Gorklue Enforcers proved that sometimes small is preferable to tall in the world of Greenskins.

Chris: I’ve got bad news for the West Division. You cannot let a goblin team get the lead in a League like this. Their sneaky, underhanded, nasty tricks are just what the fans love to see.

John: They’ve got the underdog feeling for an over dog team.

Chris: That’s also coincidentally what they served for team dinner after the match: Stewed Mushrooms Over Dog.

John: Third in our power rankings is the second place team in the East Division: the Orcland Stompas. They’re 1-1 so far in the Divison, winning their latest game against the Clar Karond Krakens thanks to a last-minute fumble.

Chris: Let’s look at the footage:

DBBL Footage One

John: You see here, Chris? That dark elf handed the ball to the ground, not his teammate.

Chris: Astute commentary, John. Just because they won that game on a dark elf fumble doesn’t mean that they’re a fluke team. The Orcland Stompas are packing some serious stomp this season. Four Black Orcs and Four Blitzers means a lot of beef on the line.

John: That’s it for our top three in the power rankings. Let’s take a moment for the team that’s at the bottom of the heap right now.

Chris: I’d have to say that it’s Da Noo Orleans Scents, John.

John: Wait, I thought they won a game or two already?

Chris: Indeed they did, but during the victory celebrations for their second victory the entire team keeled over dead. DBBL investigators are still processing information, but initial reports indicate that their celebratory fungus beer contained highly lethal doses of poison.

Blood Bowl League Poison

John: If you want to keep living, don’t drink poison.

Chris: Too true, John. That’s a tough lesson for teams to learn. League officials still don’t know who poisoned the Scents, though this is a huge benefit to the New York Stone Giants who move up from Relegated status from the DBBL junior league to take the place of the now-deceased Scents. However, polling among DBBL fans shows that 95% of them are convinced that the New Elven Patriots must be behind the poisoning.

John: Well thanks for tuning in to our week one power rankings! Tonight week two kicks up, and Chris and I will be back to give full coverage of the weekend’s games!

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