Week Three Power Rankings – DBBL 2018

Week Three Power Rankings – DBBL 2018

This post is the highlight coverage of week three of the 2018 Drawbridge Blood Bowl League. This link has the full current standings . Don’t forget you can also view the League Rules and check out the Endorsements page, and catch up on all the action from week one here and week two here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 8.51.58 PM

Chris Killingsworth: Well John, we’re back in week three. Before we get into coverage of the games, the big news is that there’s been yet another team poisoned. Gotta watch the contents of those Bloodwiser Kegs, guys.

John Flatten: That’s right Chris. The Orcland Stompas are more like the Orcland Stomach-pumpas. Eight of the team are dead, and their Troll is in jail as he liked the poison so much he drank it all down and asked for seconds.

Chris: Then why is he in jail?

John: He tried to take a crossbow onto a zeppelin.

Chris: It’s quite a sad turn of events. But it does open the way to a new team to join the league from relegation. This time The Sinatras move up–a Skaven team.

John: That’s right, Chris. They’ve been waiting in relegation for a long while, perhaps so long they might try to… poison their way on to the field?

Chris: John, I think you might… GACK! ACK! AUGH!!!


[Approximately one minute of air time is the distant sounds of clattering, a door slamming, and then movement in the studio]



Drawbridge Skaven Takeover

Rat Summerall: I’m Rat Summerall. Welcome back-back to Drawbridge Power Rankings.

Myron Nope: Yoi-yoi, Rat. I’m Myron Nope. Us rat-things are take-taking the league by storm.

Rat: New team is Sinatras. Rat pack is back-back.

Myron: Box score says they lose-lose, but we know it was win-win for them.

Blood Bowl Skaven Touchdown

Rat: See? Touchdown. Run-run score!

Myron: Yoi-yoi! They better than those Elf Yonkos they play-play. Elf Yonkos have, hmm-hah, six division wins. By next week, Sinatras have twelve-twelve you see-see.

Rat: Old Skaven team still good-good too. Skee-attle Squeakers face goblins in cut-cut match.

Blood Bowl Skaven vs Dwarfs

Myron: They win-win. Why league care about division win first? Dumb-dumb.

Rat: True-true. There any more-more powerful teams?

Myron: Nope-nope. Only Skavens. Best-best.

Rat: You heard it there first-first folks. Power Rankings Week Three. Stay tuned for more Skaven coverage of the Drawbridge, no… Skaven-Skaven Blood Bowl League 2018.

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