Month: November 2019

Marvel Chroma Crisis – MCP Launch Event

Marvel Chroma Crisis – MCP Launch Event

Marvel Crisis Protocol, from Atomic Mass Games is releasing in a week, and Drawbridge Games in Pittsburgh, PA is hosting a Launch Event Demo for the system on Saturday, November 16th.

Story: M.O.D.O.K. and a collection of other villains have collaborated to create a device that filters the color spectrum out of light wave radiation. They’re using this “Color Canceller” to hold the governments of the world hostage, demanding relinquishing money to Swiss accounts and nuclear codes to known A.I.M. operatives. Unknown to them, the device isn’t just making things unpleasant in the world (disrupting everything from fashion to traffic lights)–but it’s subtly affecting the very radiation patterns of the sun. Left on too long, and the Sun will be irrevocably damaged: dooming the earth. 

Only by teaming up can the heroes of Earth stop this menace. Will you join the heroes and fight against it, or join with the short-sighted villains who imperil all terrestrial life itself?

Launch Event: Given that we’re all just going to be getting our sets on launch day together, we cannot expect anyone to have painted minis. Hence the “Color Canceller”! The idea is come out, pick up some models, assemble one and get it on the table right away that day to learn the rules. Note that the Rules for Marvel Crisis Protocol are available for free download already. Players will field one hero or villain of their choice, unpainted, and team up with their side to protect or to destroy the Color Canceller. Participants who purchased any Marvel Crisis Protocol product from Drawbridge games will get first option for selecting the character that they’ll play (benefits of buying in)–hero or villain. But there should be ample other heroes available so that anyone is welcome to get in a try of the game too.

Timings: Players are welcome to come by Drawbridge anytime on Saturday, November 16th. We’ll be there, getting our models assembled–to bring some clippers and glue and get a model assembled yourself. Otherwise players who are just trying the game are welcome to come by the store before 6:00pm–as the battle for the Color Canceller begins at 6:00pm.