Invasion of Terra II: Planning

Invasion of Terra II: Planning

[Dates moved to extended postponement due to Covid-19]

It’s time to start planning for The Invasion of Terra II: The Emperor’s Boogaloo. We’re gathering the forces of the Imperium and Chaos for a big final showdown that will culminate at the steps of the Golden Throne itself.

The 6ft table and the 4ft table will be lined up to form one massive 12ft table, with trench works and the walls of the Imperial Palace along them. Forces will start relatively intermixed, representing that fighting has been going on and that reserves from both Imperial and Chaos factions have joined in from various sides. That battle will be the “Invasion Battle”. It will be immediately followed by clearing a space on the 4ft table and placing down the terrain for the Golden Throne, representing the cathedral chamber in which the Emperor resides. That will be the “Golden Throne Battle”. Both will take place [in the future].

The key to the Invasion Battle will be seeing what general toll the war takes on both sides. The story will be that the champions of Chaos do fight their way to the Golden Throne, and get opposed by the great champions of the Imperium there. Results like one’s forces being lost may delay certain arrivals to the Golden Throne Battle, or enable certain supporting units to be present. Even if a champion character is destroyed in the big battle, it will be back in the Golden Throne fight–as you can’t keep leaders like Vulkan or Magnus the Red down too long. That said tho, they are likely to be hampered in ways due to the punishment they took at the gates.

Golden Throne Warhammer 40k 8th Ed

We’ll sort out more specific “if/then” rules about the results of the Invasion Battle affecting the Golden Throne Battle (and the specifics of the Golden Throne battle) as we plan forward. For now, I wanted to put out the list of who we’re expecting as those big characters for the event, as well as players, factions, and the schedule.

Players and Factions Involved

Player Faction(s) Characters
Steve Black Legion Abaddon
Enrico Slaanesh Daemons Fulgrim
Andy Tzeentch Daemons Magnus the Red, Ahriman, Changeling
Andrew Nurgle Daemons, Khorne Daemons, Death Guard, Chaos Knights Mortarion, Ka’Bandha (also the Golden Throne terrain itself)
Ryan Blood Angels, Imperial Guard Sanguinius
Colton Salamanders Vulkan
Mike Ad Mech, Deathwatch Belisarius Cawl
Jeff Ultramarines Rouboute Guilliman
Tony (?) Imperial Knights


Wednesday, [sometime], afternoon or evening: set up terrain for event, set up models in starting positions.

Thursday, [day after sometime], 6:00 pm: The Invasion Battle begins.

Thursday, [same subsequent to sometime day], 9:30 pm: The Invasion Battle results are tallied. Selected models are moved to the Golden Throne room.

Thursday, [still future sometime… it’ll get there], 10:00 pm: The battle for the Golden Throne commences.

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