Month: May 2020

Rage Rising

Rage Rising

Welp. Coronavirus/Covid-19 hit my painting progress hard, and my ability to play games with friends even harder. Amid it I embarked on a new (related?) project with my 40k armies, adding in a Khorne Daemons contingent to my Nurgle force. We’re planning a “Daemon World” event over the Summer (well… was over the summer… now for “when we can game in person again), and I decided that I would be repping team Khorne (as a couple buddies are thinking of going Team Nurgle).

So this is just my painting progress thus far with Khorne forces, no battle reports as of yet. I’m having them match my Nurgle daemons in one sense: the chitin of bugs and the blue of horned protrusions are the same colors with these models as with the Nurgle ones. So any bug-arms (or the little flies) on the Nurgle models are the same scheme as the Khorne models. And of course the same basing style helps tie them together as well.

Chaos Daemons 40k Herald of Khorne Bloodmaster Conversion

This Bloodmaster is the model that started it all. I was looking at the Age of Sigmar effects and the Khorne box had this crazy eye-bleeding skull, and I was like “what if that had a guy floating behind it?”. So I did it up. And I’m especially tickled by the results. I envision that Khorne himself “promoted” this Bloodletter to a Bloodmaster by throwing a massive skull from his throne thru the immaterium onto his head.


I really struggle to stick to my plan of “boys before toys” with Warhammer 40k armies, so tried to get moving on some troops before I got lost in HQ after HQ. These are the first ten Bloodletters I finished. I have 20 more sitting on the painting table now. I’m enjoying doing their swords as lava weapons. 


Daemon Prince with Wings. Navigating the lava weapon on some of the larger characters will be interesting. The other thing I’m working on is Skarbrand, and his weapons are like “alive”, so they probably won’t be lava. But I wanted this guy’s axe to be that way. I’m really liking the way the white symbols of Khorne pop on the various models. 

So progress with painting at least has resumed despite quarantine. And I hope that soon enough some comfort with gaming can return and I can get these angry Khorne models on the table in the summer.

2020 Painting Challenge Progress

96/366 Warhammer 40k Power Points Painted

14/25 Marvel Crisis Protocol Models Painted