Month: January 2021

Drawbridge Gulf Expansion (1)

Drawbridge Gulf Expansion (1)

It’s 2021, and the pandemic continues having an effect on painting motivation. I (along with my friends Colton and Ryan) am trying a new mode of getting hobby progress going. We’re all working on our own Tau forces, with the idea of a larger Tau vs. something narrative game when we can start gaming in person again this year. Thus: the Drawbridge Gulf Expansion. I hope others enjoy joining us on our painting and hobby journey!

++++++++++Incoming Data Network Connection++++++++++++

Greetings T’au settlers and their Gue’vesa assistants, as well as the native Gue’la, Tarellians, and Laer Refugees of the Drawbridge Gulf cluster of planets. Although the region of space that the trio of planets you share is relatively distant from other celestial bodies, know that you all are within the comforting embrace of the Greater Good. We’ve already connected with some of you, and know that others will soon learn of what our Empire brings in good fortune and prosperity.

It has come to the attention of our Water Caste that the Drawbridge Gulf is likely to be a site of conflict, as a number of species have taken an interest in the particular advantages of your important location. As such, the two Cadres that have been dispatched to the planet Trzy are to be supplemented. For your convenience, pictoral records of the cadre assets that already exist planetside is provided below. These assets are there to protect you, and assist in defending against those that would remove you from the protection of the Greater Good.

In addition, further reinforcements to those Cadres, as well as a third Cadre, are already on their way to the Planet Trzy, as well as her sister planets in the cluster: the massive Planet Jeden, the fractured remains of Planet Dra, and the further orbiting Planetoid Cztery. As these supporting Cadre elements are updated–they are currently being mustered and their wargear is in production–we will indicate their arrival.

Cadre Or’es Kau’ui forms the central response team in the Drawbridge gulf, and as such their present strong numbers will be bolstered in ways that can no doubt bring more joy and plenty to you, the varied races inhabiting the Drawbridge Gulf.

This new Cadre, still classified, is a highly experimental heavy-response Cadre. Know that every missile they bear is primed to strike only those who would delay or circumvent the Greater Good that you–as residents of these planets–now are party to.

Further Cadre operations will be revealed forward, but have no doubt that these Tau assets are here for you. Those of you on the Planet Trzy can approach the local Gue’vesa recruitment offices to learn more about the opportunities offered. And those of you receiving this message who have not yet been connected to us, know that you are welcome too. Soon enough our Manta dropships will be reaching your planets as well, and automated flyer distribution drones will distribute more of the good news of the Tau empire.

++++++++++End Data Network Connection++++++++++++