The Circle of Inclemency: Night Lords

The Circle of Inclemency: Night Lords

When I decided on the Night Lords (8th Legion) 8th Company, I chose it mostly as I have a growing Chaos Daemons of Khorne force, so the number 8 resonated hah. Then I found the single official fluff entry about the Night Lords 8th Legion, which had a single entry in a Forge World Book (about a Dreadnaught that fought at the Drop Site Massacre). The main thing that it said was that the 8th Company called itself “The Circle of Inclemency”. Which given my interest in Justice (professionally) made me really intrigued. The idea of an organization of joint leadership, charged with the perverse sense of harsh justice that the Night Lords as a Legion were founded on, really appealed. I envisioned their leadership to be an 8-member council (Leadership councils in other Night Lords fluff are called Kryoptera). And I envisioned that in the warp lingered a Khornate touchstone for each of the eight members of the 8th Company’s Kryoptera as well–a council of 8 Greater Daemon Bloodthirsters that drew power from the actions of the Company’s warfare. So I envisioned the following:

That shows the type of Bloodthirster, the sort of units that each member of the council looks after, and who those members might even be. I really like this as a way to organize my thinking about the force! The one up top is the stylized Nostroman script rune version too.

And speaking of the Force, I’ve been doing a ton of painting lately. Seriously a whole heap of it. The following pics are all things I’ve added to my army since my last post.

Five more basic Chaos Space Marine Night Lords
First unit of 5 Night Lords Warp Talons
Second unit of 5 Night Lords Warp Talons
Third (!) unit of 5 Night Lords Warp Talons
First Vindicator
Two more Vindicators!

That was a huge push of painting, and I’m really pleased with it. I’ve also added some more to my Tau force (kinda inspired by this too… wait and see hehe), and more Marvel Crisis Protocol models. But I’ll include those in a different post!

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 216/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Models Painted 5/12

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