Drawbridge Gulf Expansion (2)

Drawbridge Gulf Expansion (2)

So I’ve provided my update about Night Lords and about Necrons, now time for the update about my other army I’ve been fiddling with: The Tau Empire. Amidst the different plans of Covid-time (which included a whole lot of army swapping and a healthy dose of retail therapy that added to the pile of grey plastic shame), one of the aims that surfaced was doing some Tau in conjunction with other players in my area (check it out here: https://circleofinclemency.com/2021/01/19/drawbridge-gulf-expansion-1/). Some progress was made, though all three of us drifted to different projects as well (Ryan to Sisters of Battle and Colton to Custodes).

But I definitely don’t want to let the Tau flame die as I go forward, honestly feeling like they are sitting well as a balance to my Night Lords Circle of Inclemency force. Might have to plot out a Circle of Inclemency backstory amidst the Tau as well!

So I’ve gotten back to painting them, which included rebasing the entire force to my preferred lava bases. I think I’m more inclined toward Necrons at the moment, but still made some progress so wanted to update. I added a bunch more Stealth to my force, as they paint up so quickly. All told I did up 12 additional Stealth Suits, two Ghostkeels (with their drones), and two sets of two Gun Drones.

First set, front were already painted added the back three (all in stealth tech camo–which is why it was easy to add them!)
Again, the back row three were added.
Drones! Drones! Drones!
I didn’t get a static shot of my Ghostkeels and the other unit of 6 stealth, but had this one from the game. You can see the first Ghostkeel I had painted in the foreground (on the building). The one with the Cyclic Ion Raker is amidst the group of models toward the back left of the picture, and the other with a Fusion Demolisher (complete with “experimental upgrade” modeling) is below the building (you can just see it’s base and a stealth drone). The six all-stealth-field stealth team are also back behind the foreground on the left.
AX3 Razorshark Strike Fighter – Added to the Tau pile of completed models just to get it done.

Played a fun game (see above) against Chaos Knights, managed to squeak out the win after much destruction on both sides. And then got in a game against Custodes with my Tau that I just lost. As usual, Tau are fun but their lack of melee just really holds them back. Only one phase of the game just isn’t ideal. Also took them for a spin with the new Kill Team rules, also against Custodes. There too, the lack of any melee presence just left me going “ehhhh”.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 278/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 10/12

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