Mistakes* Were Made

Mistakes* Were Made

So this past week the TANKS-giving mega battle game that I ran happened in our local gaming store, Drawbridge Games in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Was a great time and I think people had a lot of fun: we had 11 players show up with all sorts of armored forces represented. However, on a sort of absurd whim–coupled with a healthy dose of already tiring of painting construction vehicles–I grabbed a couple of Drukhari vehicles and painted them up, starting with the Combat Patrol. I really enjoyed painting them, to the point I grabbed another Combat Patrol and a couple of other items for the army. So despite all the other “starts” recently (/sigh), count this as another start. Not sure how far it will go (for reasons below). But has been a fun bit of a distraction.

The worse part is that I’ve done Eldar before. I had a huge Craftworlds and Harlequins force years and years ago. I painted it in Iyanden color scheme, and it was one of the first armies I was really proud of and completed a whole lot of. I ended up selling it as I moved on to other projects (a common theme of my hobbying). And I sort of vowed “never again”.

Found this image from a very old blog of mine where I tracked my Iyanden Eldar force. Featured the Forge World Avatar, some fun vehicles including the now-defunct Eldar AA platform the Firestorm, and an Armourcast Phantom Titan.

That represents a lot of painting and time, so since I sold it I definitely was hesitant to ever dip into the elf pool again. And yet, on a whim for TANKS-giving, painted up a few pieces.

A Venom light transport (above) and a Raider larger transport (below), both in the color scheme that will work for both Drukhari and the potential of expanding into Saim-Hann Craftworlds and Ynnari both easy enough. When I was deep into all the yellow of Iyanden in that long-ago army, I consistently wished that I had chosen the Saim-Hann with their smooth red look.

I also got two Ravagers done to tabletop quality for the event, but I still need to put some highlights and finishing touches on them, so I’ll save those photos for the next update. I did however get so inspired by the progress that I completed a Drukhari Archon as well.

So was this a mistake? Maybe so… It certainly represents yet another force I’m starting rather than expanding an existing force. But I’m excited and had fun painting them, so that’s a strong positive start at least. Also, this brings me to 330 PL painted for the year. I’m 36 points away from my final goal of painting 366 Power points of 40k for the year of 2021–the first time I will have met the goal I set for myself for the Brush Wielder’s Union. If I take this Drukhari force up to 50 PL I’ll hit that mark almost exactly. I think I can do it.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 330/366

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

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