Limiting the Skies

Limiting the Skies

Hit a big milestone with a new piece completed. Finished up a Valkyrie Sky Talon for our Dogfight December event at Drawbridge Games in Pittsburgh, PA. That brought me to over 365 Power Level painted for the year of 2021, as well as giving me some further feeling of joy with my Genestealer Cult forces.

The Sky Talon is a Forgeworld piece, and a Legends model to boot, mostly because it was designed for the Elysian Drop Troops which are not an active product line. I don’t have any Elysians, but what I loved about this plane is that it looks very much like a utility vehicle repurposed and used for battle. It’s clearly a bulk hauler. I picture it as carrying cargo containers on some space dock where the dock crew have mysteriously opaque atmosphere gear.

Similar pic I know, but I wanted to also show my first Aeronautica Imperialis piece that I’ve finished–a matching Valkyrie. I modded it so it’s got clamps, and is lugging a small shipping container: as if the signal for revolt has happened, and the crew is just rushing there without even unloading.

Anyhow, pleased to make progress in a fun way like this. And really glad to have hit my yearly goals. December 17 means there was plenty of time left in the year to finish it up hah.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 368/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

2 thoughts on “Limiting the Skies

  1. I like the “blued” out cockpit windows! I haven’t checked out the new offerings from Forgeworld in a number of years, does this one come with a cockpit and crew, like the Val?


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