Knight Night / Fight Night Two: Tag Teams!

Knight Night / Fight Night Two: Tag Teams!

One of the most popular 40k theme events at Drawbridge is back for round two: it’s Knight Night / Fight Night Two! This time with Tag Teams. The event happens on Thursday, June 2nd with a start time of 7pm. Rules and restrictions for the event follow, and whether you took part last year or are new this time, we’re hoping this is a great event that can coincide with all the new Knight releases that are soon dropping from Games Workshop. We purposefully are timing it to fall with enough time to get new kits and rules, build, and paint for the event. So check out the rules below!

Knight Night / Fight Night Two will be a tag team royal rumble style event held at Drawbridge Games, where Knights of all shapes and sizes will be able to climb into the ring and try and see who can make it to the end.

Knight Night / Fight Night Rules:

Teams of two Knights (can be a single player who brings two, or pairs of players who each have one) will be placed in a central, circular Royal Rumble arena. The goal is to be the last model standing–knocking all of other competitors “out of the ring”–and that last standing model wins the event for their team.

To start the event, all teams will have the Power Level of the two models in their team calculated. The highest two PL total teams will have their models start in the ring. After each round, the next two teams in PL are added to the ring (making their grand entrances, with entrance music if so desired).

Every round of combat all participant Knights in the ring are dealt a playing card, and play turns will run in that order: lowest numbers first, with suit order high-to-low in reverse-alpha to break numerical ties, so Spades > Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs, with Aces low. The active Knight will move, shoot, can charge and fight. Note that models attacked won’t swing back (there’s no ordinary combat phase). The goal is to incapacitate opposing Knight models by taking all of their wounds, which represents knocking them out of the ring (over the top rope). There are a few different special rules we’ll be using that will both help this happen, and give Knights a chance to keep fighting in the ring.

“Recover In the Corner” action: Declare at the start of your turn. Roll 1d6 and recover that many wounds. Can move (including advancing) but cannot fire any weapons, charge, or make any melee attacks until the start of its next turn.

“Re-roll Chip”: Every Knight gets one re-roll chip. Every Tag Team who put up a promo (posted on the Drawbridge event page, see below) gets a second re-roll chip per player participating in that promo. The player with the best promo (judged by Enrico) gets a third re-roll chip. Re-roll chips can be exchanged or traded as you wish during the game with other players. They can be spent to re-roll any one d6 roll (including the “Out of the Ring” table or the result of a “Recover in the Corner” action). They can also be spent to get rid of the card you’re dealt at any point for turn order, and be dealt a new random card from the deck. Note that no one will have CP’s to keep things simple, this is a sort of replacement for that.

“Out of the Ring” chart: Whenever a model is reduced to 0 wounds, they immediately must roll on the following chart (any model rules that might trigger on “when reduced to zero wounds” such as exploding are ignored). Conceptually a Battle Royale is about throwing your opponent out of the ring and their feet hitting the ground (indicating they’re out). While we don’t have an actual ring to be thrown out of, these are the results when the participants take those devastating finishing attacks.

1 “I’ll get you back”Both feet hit the ground and this model loses. However, they’re not quite ready to accept that. They immediately get a single turn of shooting to try and take an opponent with them (using lowest profile), and then are removed from the board.
2 “Ouch, he’ll feel that one”Both feet hit the ground and this model loses. It is removed from the board.
3 “Thats a tough break, J.R.”Both feet hit the ground and this model loses. It is removed from the board.
4 “Hanging on the ropes”The Knight hangs on, just barely. It is restored to 1 remaining wound, and cannot be targeted any further this round until it acts or until the start of the next round if it has already acted this round.
5 “Push thru the pain”This model grits its teeth and keeps on fighting. Immediately roll a d6 and restore that many wounds to the model. This model cannot be targeted/damaged any further during the current opponent’s activation.
6 “You just made me angry”This model channels the punishment into newfound strength. Immediately restore the model to the highest number of remaining wounds for its middle tier on its damage chart. This model cannot be targeted/damaged any further during the current opponent’s activation.

Painting Requirements: All models participating in Knight Night must be painted to a tabletop standard and based. Part of this hobby is, well, the hobby, so I want to encourage people to paint and get models finished for events. There will be additional chances at prizes for those who paint up a new Knight model for the event.

Tag Team: Players can choose to field two Knights from the following lists, or bring one Knight and team up with another player. You can choose and coordinate teams in advance, and we can also pair up likely allies on the day of the event–so don’t let having just a single Knight limit you. Come and have fun and game with new and old folks in the community alike. Activations are separate by Knight model, but victory goes to the team (even if one of the team member Knights has been eliminated). And we’ll have an extra Knight model with rules on hand in case we have uneven numbers to make certain all can join in the fun.

Knight Options and Choices

Knight Options: Players can choose any non-character Knight from the Imperial Knights or Chaos Knights codex with gear allowable from the data sheet (no relics or warlord traits). None of the rules for households or dreadblades or infernal/iconoclast or whatever the new rules hold for factions or for detachments are permitted, and no upgrades that aren’t part of the basic datasheet entry for the Knight are allowed. If the new codecies have stuff that are odd, we’ll review case-by-case. These are vanilla versions of the data sheets folks. If you’re inclined to run one of the Knights from Imperial Armor Compendium, just run which one you’re thinking of past me. All Knights must be Titanic, so no Wardogs or Armigers or other smaller-class Knights.

When is a Knight not a Knight: We’re not able to allow in every Xenos and Chaos faction, but applications to field other types are allowable if they’re comparable in stature to a Knight (note they may not be comparable in points). We know this limits participants in a way, but don’t worry we’ll be sorting out other new events soon (we’ve got a Biker squad based plan coming on the horizon, hint).

  • Stormsurge
  • Wraithknight
  • Gorkanaut
  • Morkanaut
  • Stompa
  • Lord of Skulls
  • Seraptek Heavy Construct

That said, you know you want to paint a Chaos Knight. Give in. Paint one up.

What about my special rules?

Instead of the normal faction or chapter or household rules (or warlord or relic or chaos mark or detachment or…), instead you get to pick one of the following Wrestling Roles or Tropes for your Tag Team. Everyone knows that what makes good rumbles is the storylines, so at the start of the event or before, you (and your partner) can pick the trope for your team, get your benefits, and cut that promo.

Wrestling Role / TropeIn-Game Ability
BabyfacesStart the battle as the good guy team, the audience favorites. The crowd’s cheering spurs them on. As such, at the end of each team member’s activations, rolls a d6. On a 4+ they regain one lost wound. The team can make a Heel turn during one of their activations if they wish (they have to turn on an another Knight while it’s down, or cut a nasty promo, etc.). If they do so, they get the Heels ability which replaces their Babyfaces ability for the rest of the game (cannot subsequently change again).
UnderdogsEach Knight in the team gets an extra re-roll chip at the start of the event.
Evil ForeignersCan only be taken if the team includes one of the Xenos options (Eldar, Tau, Orks, Necrons). You’re playing up your Xenos status in front of the crowd, and they’re booing like crazy. You gain one bonus re-roll chip each time you reduce an Imperial or Chaos Knight to zero wounds for the first time.
HeelsEither player on the team can spend one of their re-roll chips to immediately negate any opponent’s reroll chip usage. The team can make a Face turn during their activation if they wish (again, they have to do something kind: jump in to help a Knight that is being ganged up on or cut a positive promo, etc.). If they do so, they get the Babyfaces ability which replaces their Heels ability for the rest of the game (cannot subsequently change again).
The Mordian ScrewjobsOnce, and only once, during the event the team members can choose the result of any opponent’s out-of-the-ring roll rather than them rolling. Be careful, the fans can get pretty angry at this one.
Cheap HeatMake sure you insult the city in which you’re fighting. You come out of the gates strong. On your first turn on the table you cannot be targeted until you’ve acted, and you get a +1 to all hit rolls for that first activation of the game of each of the team’s Knights.
The Ricky MortonsYou know your job is to take a beating. So take a beating you shall. Both members of this team automatically go last in every round, but they both get the Feel No Pain (6+) rule.
Garbage WrestlersThe others might fight fair, you brought a chair. Notify the tourney organizers in advance if you’re doing this one. If you have a folding chair (or ladder or table) modeled at the size of your Knight model, you can use them in battle as an additional one-shot weapon. You can bring one (or a different one) for each member of the team. Revealing the rules now:

Chair Melee Str 16 AP -3 Damage 3d3 Special: This weapon can only be used once per game. When attacking with this weapon, you do a single additional attack with the Chair in addition to any other melee attacks. This attack gains +1 to hit rolls.
Charlie Browns from Outta TownOkay, so you play Tyranids or Genestealer Cult and you’re not allowed at this match. Well, come in a mysterious costume and wrestle under an assumed name. This one is for the converters only: if you do up a tag team of Tyranid monstrosities with assimilated Knight parts or Genestealer Cult looted Knights, then I suppose we would reward your creativity. They must be modeled appropriately (show us pics in advance) to “count” as an Imperial Knight. If so, we’ll let you field it with the rules of an Imperial Knight.

Wait. Promo?

Yes, promo. Players and/or Teams are encouraged to make a promo and share it in advance of the main event. Think of the pilot of the Knights as their manager, and cut a promo about how your Knight is gonna triumph in the event. You can write it on the facebook page by starting the post with [Knight Night 2 Promo] in brackets so we know what it is. Be sure to include a picture of your painted Knight (or tag team or knight equivalent). And if you’re really feeling it, feel free to record a video promo version. Be as creative as you wish. It’s not required, but you do get bonus re-roll chips if you try something (and the best gets even more bonus re-roll chips). So give it a go!


As always, we’ll have a few prizes for the event. Everyone who attends and plays will get entered in the draw, and players will get additional entries for various things during the course of the evening. Bonus entries for painting a new model for this event in particular, for eliminations of opposing models, and for being the first eliminated. Five bonus entries will go to the winner of the event and the model voted to be best painted by the players. The draw will be at the end, and players need to be present to win.

Drawbridge Games Events

And also as always, these big events are free to members. Non-members can participate for $5 and are absolutely welcome, but at the low price of a single yearly membership ($35 for the year, rather than any monthly dues) you get the benefits all year long: 10% discount on all product, 20% discount on select preorders, and ability to use the tables and terrain in the store for all your gaming.

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