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A Calculated Approach

A Calculated Approach

So I attended the Michigan Warmachine Grand Tournament Masters this past weekend, which was a great experience overall. Because it had a painting requirement, I was more limited in my selection of army than I would like to be. I had the most (and most effective) painted models within my Convergence of Cyriss force. So with the completion of a second Transfinite Emergence Projector I was ready to go. You can see the fully painted forces on my tray in the photo above!

Transfinite Emergence Projector Convergence of Cyriss

This Transfinite Emergence Projector (TEP) got my Convergence of Cyriss force to hit two fully-painted lists. I like this paint scheme still a great deal when it’s done, even if it isn’t particularly fun to paint itself in the process. 

Unfortunately, Convergence is not where my game repetitions were located. Which led me to not the best results at the event. I didn’t do terribly, but I also didn’t set the world on fire. Overall I went 1-2, and blame myself and not understanding where my matchup strengths would have been with my lists.

1 Convergence of Cyriss Orion vs Cygnar Stryker 2

First round I faced a Isaiah Thompson, from the Detroit-area meta. He fielded Stryker2 from Cygnar, and I dropped Orion with Prime Axiom. It was probably the wrong choice on my part, and a miscalculation–but I also wanted to see what Orion could do. Answer: not much. The prime had a good kill of Ole’ Rowdy, but other than that the Stormlances were just too much pressure to handle. I still nearly killed Stryker2 after his Feat turn, but the dice didn’t go my way. Honestly tho, there were lots of decision points that could have made it so I didn’t need to rely on dice. A fun opponent but a loss for me. 

2 Convergence of Cyriss Orion vs Khador Vlad2

Second game was against Adam M. from the Buffalo meta. He and I have actually played before in a tourney in Rochester, which was fun. He dropped Vlad2 Armored Corps. I should have dropped Lucant, but again felt like I could learn some with Orion (and was already out of the running with a round one loss). What I learned is that Orion was even worse into this match-up. I managed to keep the game to seven rounds and score enough points to stay in it, but it was just a losing effort the whole way. Orion doesn’t have the oomph to handle heavier armored infantry, and his stuff cannot take the punch either. Was a good game, as he’s a great player and a fun guy to chat with, but again a pretty hefty loss for me. 

3 Convergence of Cyriss Lucant vs Cygnar Caine2

Third game was against Tom Dryfuse, a nice guy from the Flint meta. He dropped Caine2 into my Lucant. It was a tough match-up for him, and while he finally finished off the two TEPs that were causing him serious grief, I managed to get the scenario win by that point. This game was a really good learning game in lots of ways for me–in particular that while Lucant is strong with two TEPs, I fear that my interest in playing a caster who does a lot more–is more dynamic–is what balances my decision to play him sometimes. 

All told it was a good learning experience. I played some good games against fun opponents, and I thought pretty hard about my own lists (even while making some mistakes with them). I emerged from it realizing that I need to select dynamic casters for my pairing, and have a real PAIR to play with–not some feeble strategy of a scary list designed to push other sorts of lists into it. I need to stop building answers and start asking questions to move to the next level. So that’s my goal.

365 Points Challenge Progress (2018):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2018: 93 (Win/Loss 58/35); 2017: 120 (Win/Loss 86/34): 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14)

Convergence of Cyriss:

3 Wins (Haley3, Vlad1, Caine2) / 11 Losses (Heretic, Rask, Kaelyssa, Xerxis, Siege2, Testament, Bradigus, Vyros2, Ossrum, Stryker2, Vlad2)


10 Wins (Anamag, Sorscha3, Kolgrima, Gaspy2, Feora1, High Reclaimer, Vlad1 x2, Haley2, Skarre3) / 5 Losses (Rahn, Magnus1, Denny1, Haley2, Syvestro)

Legion of Everblight:

38 Wins (Denny1 x2, Scaverous x2, Issyria, Wanderer, Skarre1, Sloan, Naaresh, Gaspy2, Madrak1 x2, Strakov2, Kaya3 x2, Helynna x3, Sorscha2, Kaelyssa, Dreamer, Jaga-Jaga, Denny3, Elara2 x2, Thexus, Sorscha1, Maelok x3, Heretic, Strakov1, Borka2, Caine2, Karchev, Baldur2, Gaspy3, Gaspy1) / 18 Losses (Denny1, Krueger2, Dreamer, Sorscha1, Jaga-Jaga, Old Witch3, Caine1, Issyria, Child, Helynna, Gaspy3 x2, Karchev, Vlad1, Barnabas, Heretic x2, Madrak1)

Protectorate of Menoth:

8 Wins (Gaspy2, Helynna, Vlad2, Sorscha1, Vlad1, Kraye, Garryth, Naaresh) / 1 Loss (Madrak1)

Converging at the ATC

Converging at the ATC

So this past weekend I attended the America’s Team Championship (ATC), playing with great players from my local meta of Pittsburgh. Our team, The Terminus and Friends Variety Hour (named that way because the only caster we were sure would be included for a long time was Terminus), managed to finish in 8th place overall with a 3-2 record as a team. We had some tough matches to be sure, playing our round 3 against the team that won it all (Top of 2 Grab a Brew) from California, and our round 4 against the team that finished 4th overall. You can check out the rounds and standings here and you can find our lists at the Conflict Chamber site. My own performance was not what I hoped it would be. I’m proud of two games: my first game was a solid win against a Haley3 list that I played a good game on, and my third game against Brandon Owens’ Siege2 list from the ATC-winning team ended in a 5 to 7 points spread in his favor at the end of seven rounds. He was ahead in attrition, but I scored first and managed to push it to seven (even while my forces dwindled due to his far better play). The other three games I made some key errors that cost me each game. So 1-1 I’m happy with, but there’s a distinct 0-3 I know I can improve.

Some more ruminations on the ATC are yet to come, but first painting as always… though maybe I need to revise that. I ended up playing Convergence of Cyriss at the ATC because I felt I could get it fully painted in time as a primary reason. And I think I need to put practice and familiarity ahead of painting completion to raise my competitive play level. So yeah, I’ll still list my painting as what I’m most proud of with these in future posts. And I’m doing the 365 points painted in a year challenge again. But expect a bit more acceptance of playing unpainted (and more focus on a single faction, but that’s for the next blog post). Anyhow, on to what I completed for the event:

1 Convergence of Cyriss Eminent Configurator Orion

Eminent Configurator Orion. A really fun piece to paint, as the strange solar calendar neck-piece is fun with him. There was lots of “ooh and ah” as opponents refreshed themselves on his rules, as he’s a very recent release. Pretty sure I didn’t represent him as well as one could. Still… happy with the paint job. 

2 Convergence of Cyriss Assimilator Art Deco Style

A second Assimilator to go with Orion. 

3 Convergence of Cyriss Prime Axiom Art Deco Style

And a Prime Axiom to go with him as well. I actually finished painting him after the first day of play in my hotel room overnight–so you’ll see he doesn’t have his porcelain art deco panels in the pic below. 

The ATC itself was a great event and great tournament, and I absolutely intend to return next January if I’m able. I was pleased with how my two lists painted up, and I think I presented a decent question with Lucant and covered his weaknesses with Orion okay.

4 ATC 2018 Convergence of Cyriss

My two lists, on the tray ready to play before round one!

The place was bustling with people, and one of my regrets was my plan for team T-shirts didn’t pan out. Lots of other teams had them! Gotta plot that for next year.

5 ATC Process 2018

Our first round opponents (from Missouri). This picture shows the set-up of the play and the size of the room. 155 players is a lot of Warmachine games at once!

Team tournament is a great format in many ways, as you get a bit of control (hopefully) over your games, to ideally face things you won’t be blown away by. But not entirely, as the other team is doing the same.

6 ATC Matchup Book 2018

We kept our “matchups book” ready to go thanks to our team captain Rob.

For each opponent/faction we listed Green for confident, Yellow for iffy, and Red for unlikely to win. You’ll see that the Khador and Retribution in this group had things that would be trouble for me, but I was confident into Cygnar. I got lucky and got paired against Cygnar that round (yay!) and won my game (only one of the weekend… /sob).

7 ATC Game 1

In the pressure of the games, I didn’t remember to take photos of all of them. Here’s game one at least–setting up to attack Cygnar and Haley3. Buildings would be my bane in round 4, but in this round it helped me to have that building in the middle for Lucant to hug up against.

8 ATC Game 4

The other game I snapped a shot of was round two: this is right after I went for it against Xerxis1. I could get a line on him from Orion, both Assimilators, and the Prime Axiom. And with my Feat up, I had hoped I could punch through his defenses. Unfortunately, the dice thought differently. 5 or less came up waaaay too often. Alas, can’t blame the distribution too much.

My third round ended in the loss on control point differential vs. Siege2 (run by Brandon of the tournament-winning team). My fourth round was a blowout facing John DeMaris’ Testament. I made a critical mistake with my Prime Axiom, but even if I hadn’t my chances in that game were very slim. And my final game was against Bradigus, and I got caught off guard and found Orion assassinated way too early in the game. I do truly loathe circle and their shenanigans, but I also need to be ready for them even in list construction. That’s one of my three takeaways from the event too–that I need to refine how I’m building lists.

So three big takeaways from the ATC 2018:

  1. I need to play a single faction more consistently to know them better and elevate both my speed of play and positioning of pieces. Getting reps in would have helped, especially in my Orion games. I ended up playing him three times out of five, and those were my three biggest losses–and it’s because i adopted him late and didn’t practice him nearly enough.
  2. I can relax my need to play things painted. I had a couple incomplete models at this tournament, and my list still made me happy on the table. And even if they were all just bare metal: this isn’t the forum for the painting to be something that keeps me from playing what is best.
  3. I really enjoy the team format, and definitely want to give this another try again next year.

I’m looking forward to following up on all three of these going forward. Onward to more gaming, more painting, and more fun!

365 Points Challenge Progress (2018):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2018: 8 (Win/Loss 1/7); 2017: 120 (Win/Loss 86/34): 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14)

Convergence of Cyriss:

1 Win (Haley3) / 7 Losses (Heretic, Rask, Kaelyssa, Xerxis, Siege2, Testament, Bradigus)

Protectorate of Menoth:

0 Wins / 0 Losses

Calculations of a Year

Calculations of a Year

It’s the end of 2017, and I’m writing my final blog wrap-up for my personal Warmachine and Hordes gaming. I’m judging it as a successful year for me. Painted a whole ton of miniatures (561 total points). Won a qualifier for the Appalachian Cup, and got to second place in the Cup itself. Showed well enough in the GenCon masters to consider attending again. And played just about the same number of games as last year (120).

I’ve also learned that I have some specific faction interests, and that is focusing my painting. Trollbloods, Convergence of Cyriss, and potentially Protectorate of Menoth are the three that will be the one’s I’ll sustain for the long run. In particular, Convergence is calling my name right now.

It was a crazy fall semester for me, and that slowed my pace of gaming and painting somewhat. I didn’t hit my double-points for the year goal (730points), but I still did well beyond the 365 minimum I set myself. I also had to slow down my blogging, so this is just a final culminating one with some shots of the last bits of painting I’ve accomplished (and finally updated stats for my games).

Painting-wise I finished up a bunch of Convergence models and one Protectorate of Menoth Warcaster. At least for the start of 2018 I am going to focus on Convergence of Cyriss, as I’m enjoying playing them and managing to paint them effectively enough.

Convergence of Cyriss Transfinite Emergence Projector

Transfinite Emergence Projector. This is a great model, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. 

Convergence of Cyriss Modulator

Modulator. My second for the force. I sadly think that I’ve already changed my mind and only need one for my Orion army plans… but at some point when I finish a Prime Conflux it will be nice to have a pair of them. 

Convergence of Cyriss Accretion Servitors

Accretion Servitors. Gotta repair those robots!

Convergence of Cyriss Elimination Servitors

Elimination Servitors. They’re handy for spot removal, and get to be shield guards in theme. Now to finish two more sets to run with Iron Mother (and paint her… heh). 

Protectorate of Menoth Testament of Menoth

The lone non-Convergence for this stretch. I REALLY like how he turned out, as I love my theme for Protectorate. They’re just such a pain to paint, and are seeming to need more and more models to do right. Gotta get working on them. 

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 120 (Win/Loss 86/34/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


40 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn, Kaya2, Helynna x3, Stryker2, Kraye, Venethrax, Kaya3, Absylonia2, Skarre1 x2, Kallus2, Gaspy3, Karchev x3, Una2 x2, Saeryn & Rhyas, Grayle, Baldur2 x2, Baldur1, Horgle2, Kozlov x2, Exulon Thexus, Skarre2 x2, Siege, Vlad1, Lylyth1, Heretic x2, Nemo 1, Kraye, Calandra, Butcher1, Vlad2) / 11 Losses (Feora3, Exulon Thexus, Caine3, Haley1, Calandra, Kozlov, Absylonia2, Butcher3, Vlad1, Axis, Elara2, Coven)

Convergence of Cyriss:

17 Wins (Maddox, Haley2, Rask, Helynna, Makeda1 x2, Gorten, Kaelyssa x2, Vayl2, Gaspy1, Heretic, Haley3 x2, Butcher3 x2, Terminus) / 5 Losses (Venethrax, Helynna, Heretic x2, Child)

Protectorate of Menoth:

4 Wins (Kaelyssa, Magnus2, Skarre1, Lyltyh1) / 7 Losses (Makeda1, Deneghra1, Thyron, Kozlov, Kryssa, Fiona, Gaspy3)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 4 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax, Grayle, Horgle2)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)


2 Wins (Gaspy3 x2)

The Long One

The Long One

So August happened. What a mess. I did get in a fair number of games, and painted a ton. But work and life stuffs happened. And continued to happen. So this is a LONG post detailing everything. It involves three factions, changes over what I think I’m bringing to GenCon, and a rapid amount of painting.

At first, I thought I would take my Convergence to GenCon 2017. But they’re just not quite doing it for me painting-wise. I completed a fair amount, but have too much yet to complete. Here’s photos of what I did manage to paint in the end of July and start of August though:

Convergence of Cyriss Aurora

I’ve liked Aurora as a model for a long time, and as an idea for the battlefield. I got to field her in one game (see below) and I was as nonplussed as everyone warned me I would be. 

Convergence Assimilator and Attunement Servitors

I also managed to fit in a number of Warjacks and some support. Here’s an Assimilator and Attunement Servitors.

Convergence of Cyriss Cipher

It might be just that I hate the clunky big four-leg warjacks for this faction. This is my second Cipher, and I dunno. Just don’t care for their look at the end of the day. 

1 Convergence Modulator

Yet the floating Jacks look really neat. I’m quite pleased with how this Modulator turned out. 

With a fair amount of painting but far too much left, and a couple of practice games with them, I realized that I wanted to bring a different option to GenCon. Hence, some real rush on painting Protectorate of Menoth–the faction I think I’m most inclined to be excited about and play.

2 Anson Durst Protectorate of Menoth

First up, the Warcaster I know that I want to make the core of my lists. Anson Durst is just too cool a model, and I have an idea for how to run a list with him that I really like. I’m super-pleased with how he turned out as well. And that always helps. I think my Protectorate is my best-looking army—even tho I love my Trollbloods as well. 

3 Thyra Protectorate of Menoth

The picture on Thyra turned out a bit darker than I hoped, but I’m pleased enough with her. Once she gets some units of Flame Bringers and Daughters of the Flame completed to join her, I’ll be really pleased. 

4 Protectorate of Menoth Castigator

And for my Durst plan I needed another Castigator. So here he is. I really like these Warjacks with him, as they answer pretty much everything I’m concerned with in his list: help with volume of attacks, can reach pretty impressive defense and armor values. They don’t hit as hard as others in the faction, but I really think they work with him. 


Now for the rapid-fire gaming recaps. I got in a bunch of games. One with Protectorate, a pair with Convergence, and then a whole heap of Trollbloods games as I continue to play in our local store’s Trollbloods-themed event.

5 Anson Durst vs Lylyth1

My first attempt with my Durst list turned out to be successful, against Dave C.’s Legion list with Lylyth1. I learned some key things about running it, and I will definitely swap a couple of pieces going forward. But I really like what it does as a list. I won on assassination after a long grind of a game. 

5 Aurora vs Calandra

My first outing for Aurora ended up with a win vs Ryan’s Makeda1 list. I managed to live the Aurora “dream”–having an angel run into base to base with the enemy Warlock then charge and finish with Aurora. Even though it worked this time, it was extremely iffy at best. Not sure she does enough for the force right now to make it worth attempting. 

5 Lucant vs Heretic

My other game with Convergence was against Kevin, fielding his Grymkin forces. I fielded Lucant and managed to beat the Heretic on scenario. Facing Grymkin is interesting–I managed to get a few games against his Heretic list with my Trolls as well. 

6 Madrak2 vs Butcher3

Speaking of Trollbloods, let the Troll games parade begin. I faced Paul’s Butcher3 with my Madrak2 list. Apparently Madrak2 simply cannot beat any Khador Warcaster I face. Butcher did his usual–get to the point where I couldn’t avoid him and stay relevant in scenario, then axe to the face. 

7 Madrak2 vs Siege

Followed that game with Madrak2 against Mike’s Cygnar Trenchers list led by Siege. This game went far better, as Feat turn saw every single Trencher but one die to a rampaging Trollkin Champion. Opened the door for the Earthborn, who shot in and finished things up after surviving a round of retaliation. 

8 Jarl vs Kozlov

Next up, Jarl versus Paul’s Vlad1. Jarl did his best, but got a bit too close in a later turn and got a Khador heavy to the face for his trouble. 

9 Grissel2 vs Kozlov

Paul and I then played again with me swapping to Grissel2. I managed to get really close to killing Vlad by targeting things around him. He ran and hid, and still I got sprays onto him thanks to Grissel2’s flexibility. But it was just too little at the end and he had a couple of boxes left… which meant Grissel2’s quick demise to a Kodiak. 

11 Grissel2 vs Kozlov

Seems like a steady diet of Khador for my Trollbloods lately. As my next game was against Zach’s Kozlov-led force. It was a good game back-and-forth, but Janissa Stonetide definitely won it for me. By making five Tough rolls in a row. Being steady, that meant she kept on surviving. That left him unable to clear the way and made Kozlov easy prey for my Mauler. 

12 Jarl vs Heretic

The prior-mentioned Grymkin vs Trolls clashes. Played a Jarl theme list with lots of shooty Warbeasts into Kevin’s Heretic. The first game was a pretty handy win by assassination for me. If a Bomber gets a line on a Warlock with no transfers, even high defense won’t save you. It took the Swamp Troll rolling high to finish him off, but it worked. 

13 Jarl vs Heretic Again

We decided to play again, just swapping the side of the table. This was a much more even match. He needed to take out Jarl to prevent the inevitable crash of heavies into him, and managed to miss a CRA from some flanking Hollowmen to allow Jarl to spin around and face the rest and survive the onslaught. Two great games against a good opponent, and a good chance to practice against Grymkin. 

15 Borka 1 vs Nemo1

Finally, I got in three games as my Pacific Rim tournament ended up having an odd number of players for the event. I made 14, so I played as the Bye round opponent. That meant first facing off against Gary’s Nemo1 list. The combination of Bulldoze and 4″ reach on the Sea King is definitely something to respect, as Nemo wasn’t ready for just how far it could get with Borka1’s Feat turn. 

16 Borka1 vs Lylyth1

Second Bye round offering was against Andy’s Lylyth1 list. This was a good game too, but trampling and then Mosh Pit for the auto-knockdown did the job to finish off his Warlock. Was a really fun battle as momentum kept swinging back and forth. 

17 Borka1 vs Helynna

The final Bye round of the event I got to play against Steve’s Retribution of Scyrah list led by Magister Helynna. The bright spot for her was that his force got to the point where they had nearly, but not quite, finished off the marauding Sea King. Only Helynna remained, and so she charged in and got the kill herself. Sadly, Rök was close by with enough whelps that he could eat 3 free strikes and still get to her and finish her off. 




Phew! What a set of games. All great matches with great opponents, so that was fun. Now to get a few more Protectorate things in shape before GenCon (or just relax and bring my Trollbloods… one of the two).

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 97 (Win/Loss 70/27/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


35 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn, Kaya2, Helynna x2, Stryker2, Kraye, Venethrax, Kaya3, Absylonia2, Skarre1, Kallus2, Gaspy3, Karchev x2, Una2, Saeryn & Rhyas, Grayle, Baldur2 x2, Baldur1, Horgle2, Kozlov x2, Exulon Thexus, Skarre2 x2, Siege, Vlad1, Lylyth1, Heretic x2, Nemo 1) / 9 Losses (Feora3, Exulon Thexus, Caine3, Haley1, Calandra, Kozlov, Absylonia2, Butcher3, Vlad1)

Convergence of Cyriss:

11 Wins (Maddox, Haley2, Rask, Helynna, Makeda1 x2, Gorten, Kaelyssa, Vayl2, Gaspy1, Heretic) / 2 Losses (Venethrax, Helynna)

Protectorate of Menoth:

4 Wins (Kaelyssa, Magnus2, Skarre1, Lyltyh1) / 7 Losses (Makeda1, Deneghra1, Thyron, Kozlov, Kryssa, Fiona, Gaspy3)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 4 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax, Grayle, Horgle2)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)

Warders gonna Ward

Warders gonna Ward


Another two weeks, another load of painting and games put in. As always, I’ll start with the painting. Finished a new Warlock, Grissel2, and a unit of Trollkin Warders to accompany her. Plus I also completed a Trollkin Sorcerer (getting ready to face Ghost Fleets in my local meta).

1 Trollbloods Grissel2

I like her as an assassination threat, and for what she can enable for infantry. Maybe it’s my experience with Amon, but handing out Parry can be pretty solid for loads of tricksy play. 

2 Trollkin Warders

This unit turned out really well. I’m quite pleased with the result. Ton of work in, but good payoff in the end product. 

3 Trollkin Sorcerer

Hehe, this guy looks so silly. My friend Dan always says “hey can you read this to me” about another player’s Trollkin Sorcerer, as they printed the text on the outside of the scroll. I was careful to put the runes inside–so he was the one reading it. 

In addition to all the Trollbloods painting, I also finished some Convergence of Cyriss pieces in my slow build toward that force: A Cipher and an Optifex Directive.

G Convergence of Cyriss Cipher

I swear those arms look like rockets–but he shoots from the face-gun. What a silly faction.

H Convergence of Cyriss Optifex Directive

I really liked these guys, and I’m feeling like some of the more characterful infantry of the faction are going to be my painting draw. Next up, I’m leaning toward some Clockwork Angels or some Eradicators. 


While I painted some Convergence, gaming has been entirely Trollbloods these past couple of weeks. I’m definitely feeling the groove of Trolls–which is good, given our upcoming summer campaign that is Trollbloods-focused.

4 Grissel2 vs Helynna

First game was against Steve’s Retribution, and my frequent nemesis Helynna. She is a thoroughly solid Warcaster, and he always pilots her well. I was able to leverage Grissel2’s assassination threat to finally finish her off. Being able to free up the Pyg Bushwhackers without need of their expensive UA (thanks to her Dash spell) is a huge boost to them and their ability to put some steady damage on assassination targets. 

5 Madrak2 vs Caine2

Next I faced Andy’s Cyngar, led by Caine2. I wanted to get a shot of how cool he looks, because Andy did a great job with the conversion and the paint scheme. Caine managed to inflict enough damage on himself that I finished him off through the course of an extended game with my Madrak2 force. I mucked at least one thing up (Blood Fury is warrior model/unit), but it was somewhat inconsequential. I’ve been thinking of Madrak2 in Band of Heroes theme as a good answer to some concerns in my meta, so I wanted to get some reps with him. Great game full of Trolls beating on stuff and my opponent coming up short on rolls other than with his Warcaster–I’m looking forward to the rematch as Andy is always a great player.

6 Madrak2 vs Craye

More Madrak2 versus Cyngar, this time against Mike’s beautifully painted force. I included this picture because the model just looked so good. Madrak2 would go on to take a free strike from this guy, walk around, and smack Craye to death (he’s just out of the shot). Was a good game, and Mike had the upper hand in attrition–but got a little too close with Craye, who could have been far further back. 

7 Hunters Grim Special Scenario

My final game was against Charles’ Cryx. We continued with our on-again, off-again narrative campaign that he’s constructed, reaching the conclusion this time. The vault had been opened by the Skorne, though in the process Morghoul had been felled. Yet, other powers were interested in what emerged. My Trollbloods, led by Grim2, got to the ruin first. Grim found a strange shade lurking there, and he managed to use his magical force to bind the creature. A good thing, as it attempted to possess him!

8 Trollkin Scouts vs Venethrax


A battle ensued as Lich Lord Venethrax also came seeking the power revealed from the opened ruin. Grim had to try and get the bound spirit, with its escaping energy, back to the Kriel where Doomshaper was waiting with the ritual to truly set the creature at rest. That meant his force had to sell themselves dearly in the process of delaying Venethrax’s advance. Grim managed to escape as the Trolls held on just long enough. The Trollkin Scouts managed to charge Venethrax alongside a Stone Scribe Chronicler–however his defensive abilities caused their thrown axes to miss horribly and fell allies (a Storm Troll that was assisting). Their assault blunted, it was all they could do to simply die under Venethrax’s blade while allowing Grim to make good his escape. 

As always, a great set of games. Especially the story campaign I informally did with Charles. That was a fun way to motivate our games together. I normally game on Thursdays, but Charles can really only get Sunday games in–so we agreed that doing a little story would keep our games fresh despite playing each other alternate weeks. I would definitely recommend that approach for anyone who has a limited set of opponents. Having the routine special scenarios that told a small story made it lots of fun. I can’t wait for the next one!

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 61 (Win/Loss 42/19/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


9 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn, Kaya2, Helynna, Stryker2, Craye, Venethrax) / 1 Loss (Feora3)

Protectorate of Menoth:

3 Wins (Kaelyssa, Magnus2, Skarre1) / 7 Losses (Makeda1, Deneghra1, Thyron, Kozlov, Kryssa, Fiona, Gaspy3)

Convergence of Cyriss:

9 Wins (Maddox, Haley2, Rask, Helynna, Makeda1, Gorten, Kaelyssa, Vayl2, Gaspy1) / 2 Losses (Venethrax, Helynna)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 4 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax, Grayle, Horgle2)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)

Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil


Flip flop, flip flop. Back to fooling with some Convergence. I managed to paint a bit more for the force, so I took a new Warcaster for a test-spin. Axis, the Harmonic Enforcer. Haven’t finished his paint job yet, so no photos of him. But here’s what I did get done:

Convergence of Cyriss Galvanizer and Diffuser

Two of the light vectors: a Galvanizer and a Diffuser. These are fun little models, but I’m still somewhat iffy on my paint scheme with them. Dunno, just seems bland–which leads to me always drifting to other models. 

I played three games trying out Axis, and found him to be a fairly enjoyable Warcaster. I like control casters a lot, and I think he has enough control between his Feat and the Razor Wall, that he can get the job done.

1 Convergence of Cyriss Axis vs Retribution Kaelyssa

My first game with Axis was against Steve’s Retribution, a frequent foe of mine. He gave a good try on killing Axis with a ranged assassination, but the shield guard ability of the servitors in the theme list, along with Axis’ high armor, kept him from being killed. He returned the favor by crashing into her lines and starting the attrition struggle. It ended when she was trapped by the killbox and my models, and couldn’t escape the advance range of the Iron Aggression Inverter. 

2 Convergence of Cyriss Axis vs Legion of Everblight Vayl2

Played my second game with Axis against Ryan’s Legion of Everblight force and Vayl2. I was able to close the gap on his infantry with the Transfinite Emergence Projector, and the Feat plus some counter-charging warjacks kept his force from getting meaningfully engaged. With attrition well on my side, he had to take the shot at spell assassination on my Warcaster. It wasn’t a particularly good look to begin with given what I was camping, but it got extra awful as he rolled some misses with spells. Axis waded in and killed Vayl2 himself after weathering the storm. 

3 Convergence of Cyriss Axis vs Cryx Gaspy1

My third Axis outing was against a new person in our area, Kyle. He’s getting back into the game after having played in Mark II, and he ran Cryx with Gaspy1 and all the banes. I felt bad, because that’s a dream match-up for Axis’ feat plus Razor Wall. He had to try his feat to get some breathing room, but it didn’t do enough work to buy him an opening. My warjacks cleared the path over two turns, and finally the Inverter got in on his Warcaster and finished the game. He was a fun opponent to play, and he suffered thru the rough treatment of Axis’ control game with aplomb. 

All-in-all I enjoyed Axis hitting the table. Whether I’m really into Convergence for the long term remains to be seen. Something about painting them is just slow with me, and no matter how well I’m doing with games, I tend to be a complete hobbyist–and draw passion from painting models I’m going to field. We’ll see going forward!

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 52 (Win/Loss 36/16/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


5 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn, Kaya2) / 1 Loss (Feora3)

Convergence of Cyriss:

9 Wins (Maddox, Haley2, Rask, Helynna, Makeda1, Gorten, Kaelyssa, Vayl2, Gaspy1) / 2 Losses (Venethrax, Helynna)

Protectorate of Menoth:

1 Win (Kaelyssa) / 4 Losses (Makeda1, Deneghra1, Thyron, Kozlov)



8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 4 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax, Grayle, Horgle2)


Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)

Little Skorne and Trolls / Lots of Lucant

Little Skorne and Trolls / Lots of Lucant

This has been one of those two-week cycles where I ended up playing three different factions. I definitely need to get focused, but of course, instead I’m all over the place. I did get a bit of painting done, so that before the games:

1 Convergence of Cyriss Conservator-

Conservator for my Convergence of Cyriss force. Definitely a pain to paint, as the little flying hover base is bothersome at best. Still, I’m pleased with the results. 

On the game front, I got in a game with my Skorne (Morghoul2), a game with my Trollbloods (Hunters Grim), and three games with my Convergence of Cyriss. I’ll describe each in turn.

1 Skorne Morghoul2 vs Trollbloods Horgle2

First off, I faced Michael’s amazingly painted Trollbloods army. I’ve been running a fair amount of Immortals with Zaal2, and I wanted to see if other warlocks might work with them–so I experimented with Morghoul2, as his Feat plus Mortality could make make Immortals survivable against infantry and hit like a truck against anything they target. 

We played the Entrenched scenario from Steamroller 2016, and things went a bit more pear-shaped than I wanted them to. I was making great progress on my opponent’s zone, but his heavy Warbeasts on my right flank were chewing their way to my Warlock faster than I wanted to see. It soon became clear that he was going to clear my zone and start scoring faster than I could his. 

2 Skorne Morghoul2 vs Trollbloods Horgle2

Recognizing I needed to do something, I set up Morghoul2 to get a chance to go in for the kill on Horgle2. When I tried it, Horgle2 only had a single transfer. Yet still I came up just short–two hit points. With Morghoul2 bloodied and out of Fury, Horgle2 returned the favor and finished off my Warlock with his flaming weapons. 

Having just played against Trollbloods, I was suddenly itching to field my own. They’ve been on a bit of a vacation along with my Protectorate of Menoth recently. So I swapped Grim2 into a list that I had been working on with Jarl, and gave him a whirl.

Trollbloods Hunters Grim vs Circle Orboros Kaya2


I faced off against a different Michael, but again with a beautifully painted force–this time Circle Orboros led by Kaya2. The battle was pretty close at the end–I took a chance on assassination using Grim2’s Feat turn, and came up just short. I got lucky with Grim2’s distance keeping him safe, so while Michael did a great job caving in two heavies on my right flank, I had a few ranged models left with enough attacks on the Warlock to get her in the second time around. Mage Sight is a great tool against Circle, so I had a list advantage at the start. A great game against an always-fun opponent!

So while I’m a Hordes player at heart, I still have been fiddling with a variety of Warmachine lists. I’m liking what Lucant does with Convergence, even if the models are a bit less interesting to paint. I snuck in three games with them to get in more practice. All three times were the same Lucant list that I had some success with in the Appalachian Cup qualifier I attended.

2 Convergence of Cyriss Lucant vs Retribution of Scyrah Helynna

First I faced Steve’s Retribution army, headed by Helynna. Both lists proved to be quite sturdy, but I managed to push my way to 5 to 3 victory in the Take and Hold scenario. 

3 Convergence of Cyriss Galvanizer takes out Skorne Makeda1

Second game was against Ryan’s Skorne, led by Makeda1. This battle was much more iffy, as I wasn’t exactly trading well against her forces. I saw an opening, so I used a Cipher to do a Slam power attack–that got a Cyclops to fly over Makeda1 and knock her down (with it dying in the process). I was able to fuel a Galvanizer to move in and finish her off. A close battle and lots of fun!

4 Convergence of Cyriss Lucant vs Mercenaries Rhulic Gorten


Final game was against Rico’s Rhulic Mercenaries force. He took his Earthbreaker and Siege Crawler, with ample gun bunnies and some Ogryn Assault Corps. It was a tough test of the Lucant-in-theme’s shooting defenses, but I managed to weather the storm and eventually trade heavies to get the Earthbreaker off the table. Lucant won by assassination the turn after. 

All-in-all a good set of games. I’m blessed to have a great meta where four different shops have open Warmachine and Hordes gaming space.

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 44 (Win/Loss 32/12/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 4 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax, Grayle, Horgle2)

Convergence of Cyriss:

6 Wins (Maddox, Haley2, Rask, Helynna, Makeda1, Gorten) / 2 Losses (Venethrax, Helynna)


5 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn, Kaya2) / 1 Loss (Feora3)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)


Steam for the Steamroller

Steam for the Steamroller

So I’m just starting out with some Convergence of Cyriss. What better place to practice than a Steamroller? Answer: plenty. This week I attended a qualifier for the Appalachian Cup tournament and finished Fifth overall with my Convergence. I also got in a healthy amount of painting and a quick game with my Skorne as well.

First, as always, is the painting:

1 Convergence of Cyriss Corollary

Corollary. The essential piece of Convergence technology. And an amazing puzzle to be solved while playing. Getting it in the right spot to start AND end your turns for maximum focus efficiency is a definite art form. And I’m just starting out. 

2 Convergence of Cyriss Reflex Servitors

The Convergence theme list Destruction Initiative is all the rage, so I had to get some servitors ready to go with it. Above are my first finished ones: two groups of Reflex Servitors. Little mechanical land mines waiting to blow up enemy infantry. 

For the Steamroller, I managed to get enough silver base coat onto everything to make it at least passably appealing, and broke my general rule of “play it painted”. I went down to Morgantown, WV for a qualifier for the Appalachian Cup, and had a great time. I played two new people, one person I haven’t faced since Mark II, and a player I’ve run into in fun games as well as tourney games in the past. I brought two lists, a Lucant list in theme and a Sytherion list with some infantry. If you’re the one person that actually follows my blog, you’ll know that I’ve at least played Lucant once before–but I’ve never had Syntherion hit the table. With the requirement of fielding each list at least once in the tourney, I was surprised to finish where I did. My only loss was with that Syntherion list of untested awfulness (tho I lost more to the quality play of my opponent to be sure). I’ll share my Father Lucant list below, as that was the only list that’s worth sharing:

Convergence of Cyriss – Lucant
Theme: Destruction Initiative
4 / 4 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army
Bunker – Steamroller Objective

Father Lucant, The Divinity Architect – WJ: +28
–    Corollary – PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 6)
–    Inverter – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)
–    Cipher – PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)
–    Cipher – PC: 16
–    Conservator – PC: 12
–    Diffuser – PC: 6
–    Galvanizer – PC: 5

Transfinite Emergence Projector – PC: 19
–    Permutation Servitors

Reflex Servitors – 3 Reflex Servitors: 0
Reflex Servitors – 3 Reflex Servitors: 0
Attunement Servitors – 3 Attunement Servitors: 0
Attunement Servitors – 3 Attunement Servitors: 0

Optifex Directive – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4
Optifex Directive – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4

THEME: Destruction Initiative

GENERATED : 04/04/2017 14:15:08
BUILD ID : 2038.17-03-15

3 Convergence Lucant vs Cygnar Maddox

My first game, I squared off against Andrew M’s Maddox list in theme. The cool thing about these qualifiers is that lists are submitted in advance, and pairings for the first round are made public. Andrew had a Sloan list as well as Maddox, and given my Lucant list I had a pretty good idea that that’s what I had to drop no matter what–but that he would know that and likely drop Maddox. I was correct, and we faced off. Attrition was mixed for both of us, but my servitors slowed him down a bit. He had an opening to have both of his heavies beat back into Lucant, so he went for it. The first was stopped with Watcher, but the second did get there. Lucant got lucky on damage rolls and I was able to survive the attempt and go on to win. It was a great game, and Andrew was definitely the most fun opponent I’ve played in quite some time. Was a great game, and it was for sure luck that got me thru–a bit higher on his final roll and Lucant would have been dirt. 

4 Convergence Syntherion vs Retribution Helynna

Second game I faced Rob’s Helynna list, that featured three Manticores. Syntherion was my drop as there were too many weapon masters on his side of the table for Lucant’s warjack-heavy list. I made a bunch of mistakes in the game that didn’t help me any,  but Rob was also clearly in better positions and able to dictate the flow of the game. It was fun, but I definitely need to get some practice in with Syntherion before fielding him again. With a loss, but not locked in a later round, I proceeded onward. 

5 Convergence Lucant vs Cygnar Haley2

Third game was against Josh’s Haley2 list (again, choosing his not-Sloan drop due to Lucant being a likely drop from me). It went much like my first game against Cygnar. Good opponent, fun match up, got to the point where he went for it on Lucant and came up short. At that point, with Haley’s feat gone, he was going to lose his Stormclad to Lucant and there were three Convergence heavies positioned to charge the Stormwall–not to mention Haley2 standing far too close to Warjacks for comfort. Ended with a win for me. 

6 Convergence Lucant vs Minions Rask

My fourth game I faced Larry IV’s Minions. He had Rask and Barnabas, and he saw clearly that I was likely to drop Lucant. With all those steady models, Rask seemed like the effective choice. We had a good match, maneuvering around the central zone of the Pit scenario. We traded turns of denying the other person scoring, and reached a 2-2 tie in scenario points. The firepower of the Transfinite Emergence Projector began to weigh on his gatormen, however. I managed to get to the point where I could take out the warbeasts that weren’t on full Fury, and then shoot the TEP into Rask to end the game with a pair of sprays. 

Overall I was really pleased with my performance, as 5th place is about the best I’ve ever done in a Steamroller this size. Best part was all four of my opponents were great people, and that always makes gaming all the more fun.

The day after the Steamroller, I nabbed one more game with my buddy Charles, continuing our campaign story.

7 Skorne Morghoul1 vs Circle Orboros Grayle

Morghoul1 had been dispatched by Zaal1 after discovering four ruins of power, and tasked with opening them. Grayle, who had faced Zaal1 in the past, showed up again to try and stop him. While I managed to unlock enough ruins during the game to progress the story scenario in favor of Skorne, Morghoul1 himself was felled by Grayle after my assassination attempt came up short. I managed to get behind him, but that still wasn’t enough to end his attack. I should have known that Morghoul1 was a little feeble as an assassin, and put Admonition on myself to move away when he turned to face me. But I went for it greedily with buying additional attacks. Double-strike is so tempting with him, but P+S 9 is just feeble. The only thing close were some paingivers, as my Bronzeback was still a turn away from getting into the fray. Grayle turned around and manged to eat thru my single transfer and finish Morghoul1 off with little problem. 

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 39 (Win/Loss 28/11/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 3 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax, Grayle)

Convergence of Cyriss:

3 Wins (Maddox, Haley2, Rask) / 2 Losses (Venethrax, Helynna)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)


4 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn) / 1 Loss (Feora3)


Ancients and Machines

Ancients and Machines

Game on, game on. This post has a whole heap of Skorne games with my growing Immortals collection, plus some silly Convergence experimentation.

On the painting side of things, I’ve just not been feeling my Retribution force. I love the color scheme when it’s done, but getting the red tones right is laborious. So I decided to just dabble a little with yet another Warmachine faction: Convergence of Cyriss. Yeah, I know. I should focus on one faction (Skorne) or just stick with Retribution.

Convergence of Cyriss Inverter

I started with an Inverter, as it seemed like the ubiquitous choice for both the game and practicing painting. After a first attempt that I greatly misliked, I moved to this scheme which I am much more pleased with. 

2 Convergence of Cyriss Father Lucant

I also finished up Father Lucant for my Convergence of Cyriss. I’m particularly pleased with how he turned out. I’m liking the ceramic-looking select plates, and the light blue of the robes isn’t too off-putting (that’s the bit I struggled with the most). I’m working on the glow effects, and the one on the top of his staff is the one that I’m most proud of so far. 

Skorne Immortals Jade

I also painted up another unit of Immortals for my Skorne army. They’re on the left, meeting the first unit I completed on the right. 

I traveled during the start of March, so I was a bit slow on games at the start of this month. Managed to sneak a few in though, and then the floodgate opened as I got a bunch in all right in a row.

Skorne Zaal1 vs Makeda1

Started out with a Skorne vs. Skorne match-up against Kevin. He fielded Makeda1, while I tested out my first draft of a Zaal1 list. I survived a pretty good assassination attempt, and managed to get four Last Stand-buffed charging Immortals onto Makeda1 during feat turn. The boosts to hit were enough to connect, and despite transfers managed to knock her out. Her self-harm on her own feat turn helped a great deal. It was a very close match and a great learning experience about how Zaal1 runs (and how Exalted models trip all over each other if I’m not careful). 

Skorne Zaal1 vs Skorne Makeda1 Again

My initial attempt at Zaal1 hit the field again, against Ryan’s… Skorne… using Makeda1. A little bit of deja vu, but different options change the battle considerably. The big object in the middle of the battlefield had two arches, but charging would have to be straight thru because of size and angles. That lead to a bit of round-robin, and Ryan’s swordsmen started out of place and facing incorporeal solos which proved to be the definite edge I needed. 

Zaal1 Melee Assassination

The game was the Crossroads of Courage Season 3 Week 3 scenario, with teleporting circles. There was a bonus for having your warcaster/warlock in them with an assassination, so I actually had to have Zaal1 go for it to seal the deal. The rest of the army killed Makeda’s transfer targets, and he teleported to the ring. Casting Last Stand on myself meant that I needed to succeed or I’d lose my caster (for those unfamiliar: any model that attacks under Last Stand is destroyed at the end of the turn). Took a few swings with my puny weapon, but managed to finish her off. 

1 Zaal1 Kovass vs Mercenaries Drake MacBain

My next game was against Andy’s Mercenaries, led by Drake MacBain. I took Zaal1 again. This time I got into a bad situation on attrition, but was able to use incorporeal to my benefit even in the face of MacBain’s ugly feat. Thanks to the Feat turn, the soul-loaded Kovass got the job done with assassination. 

2 Zaal1 Skorne vs Cryx Venethrax

Following that, I faced Ryan’s Venethrax list. And the exact opposite of what won me the game against Andy happened. I got into the spot where I was ahead on attrition that he took a chance on assassination and managed to kill Zaal1. 

3 Skorne Titan Cannoneer vs Circle Orboros Wolves of Orboros

Still more Zaal1, this one against Charles’ Circle Orboros army led by Grayle. This one was right down to the wire, but I managed to pull out the assassination victory. You know it’s bad when you’re counting on the Titan Cannoneer to hold one side against melee infantry.

4 Zaal1 Skorne vs Kaya3 Circle Orboros

Onward to the weekend, where I played… Zaal1 again. Heh. This time I faced off against Larry IV’s Circle army, led by Kaya3. He wasn’t ready for how destructive my Immortals can be with Last Stand, so it went my way pretty fast. I definitely want a re-match at some point when he knows my list a little better and has more experience with Kaya3. 

5 Hexy2 Skorne vs Makeda2 Skorne

Following that match, I faced Larry III’s Skorne force in a grand Skorne-off. He had Makeda2 and Xerxis1 as options, and I was reasonably certain he’d be bringing Makeda2. Because neither list I brought had an answer. I decided to drop Hexy2, which wasn’t a particularly good plan. It didn’t help that I came up short on what could have been a more aggressive play. He definitely had the upper hand in the game, and finally finished off Hexy2. While I’m okay with Zaal1, I definitely need a pairing for him that isn’t Hexy2. 

6 Father Lucant vs Venethrax

Final game of this cycle, I broke down and put mostly unpainted Convergence of Cyriss onto the table. I have been trying to play as fully painted as possible, but in some discussions people said that I paint fast enough that I should just play what I want–and let my play drive my painting passion. So it was time for Lucant to strike out against foes. 

I faced Ryan’s Venethrax list with some heavy modifications from the last time I clashed. I got on a bad start from the beginning as I didn’t have the ability to land things close enough to deny him points on the friendly flag. I was ahead in attrition, but time and score conspired to make me have to get too aggressive with Lucant. He rumbled up and did a great job against a sea of Warjacks (notching four total if my memory count is correct–two heavies and two bonejacks), but his urge to get up left him too easy prey for Venethrax who ended things with a charge of his own. I was honestly just glad to get a little table time with my Convergence. As I’m planning on doing some silly things with them going forward, and their induction system for Focus is a little wonky. 

365 Points Challenge Progress (2017):


Battles (Privateer Press):

Overall Totals 2017: 34 (Win/Loss 25/9/0); 2016: 123 (Win/Loss: 74/49/0); 2015: 43 (Win/Loss: 29/14/0)


8 Wins (Kaelyssa, Nemo3, Zaadesh2, Makeda1 x2, Kaya3, Grayle, MacBain) / 2 Losses (Makeda2, Venethrax)

Convergence of Cyriss:

0 Wins / 1 Loss (Venethrax)

Retribution of Scyrah:

13 Wins (Tanith x2, Venethrax x2, Malekus, Gaspy1, Ragnor, Zaadesh2 x2, Grayle, Borka1, Makeda1, Strakov) / 5 Losses (Zaadesh2, Thyra, Xekaar, Tanith, Gaspy1)


4 Wins (Gaspy1, Terminus, Barnabas, Gunnbjorn) / 1 Loss (Feora3)