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Kill Team (3rd Edition) and The Collector

Kill Team (3rd Edition) and The Collector

A new edition of Kill Team is out, and that has generated a fair amount of buzz around here with building some unique and fun teams for the game. I’ve been fiddling back and forth with both Necrons and various flavors of Chaos (Night Lords and Khorne) about what I’d like to do, and somewhat sparked on the Necrons side of things.

I did up a new “leader” model for the team, a Flayed One that combined parts of a Royal Warden, to represent a more leadership-oriented personality who could lead the team–but still was a corrupted Flayed One. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The concierge of skin grafting

While I had Necron paints out I also finished up Trazyn the Infinite. I so thoroughly enjoyed the fluff about him (the novel The Infinite and the Devine by Robert Rath: https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-infinite-and-the-divine-ebook-2020.html), so I had to paint up my own version of him. I did a bit of modification, as he is a Finecast resin model–so a bit fiddly. I swapped the weapon around–same head but the arm from a Lychguard/Praetorian staff for more stability to the weapon.

He’s come to collect you!

The other thing you might notice are the small T-shaped plinths behind him. Those are small display bases, with an embedded magnet. So as I have victories (or fun losses), I’ll get bits from the armies I’ve beaten and paint them up (or have my opponent paint them if they’re kind and want to get their color scheme perfect), so he can have constantly rotating “display” items with him. I’ll do up a larger display base with more of these too if I start getting a lot. It’s a fun way to make the games meaningful and connected, so wanted to have some fun with a Special Character known for taking, storing, and collecting the artifacts of other races.

Gaming-wise I got some Kill Team games in as well–a few with my Necrons, and one with my Chaos Daemons of Khorne. Some shots from the games are below. Kill Team in this new edition is super-quick and deadly, so it runs really fast.

The Necron Kill Team: Immortals with Tesla Carbines and Flayed Ones
The Necrons take both the high and low road in driving out the Imperial Guard.
Necrons in the distance, their Space Marine foes in the foreground with this one.
Mixed in a daemon force of Khorne. This shot was right before the Bomb Squig killed all three of these models with its explosion. Gah!

On the Marvel side of things, I got another model added to my collection: Shuri. This rounds out my Wakanda affiliation (the first affiliation I’ve run meaningfully in more than one game). While getting the dots quite right was difficult, overall I’m pleased with the look of the model.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 278/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 11/12

Daemonic Spread and Terrors of the Night

Daemonic Spread and Terrors of the Night

Well, I think I have finally settled on what my force for “Invasion of Terra Two: The Emperor’s Thru” will be. I had been leaning toward Death Guard (as I do have a start to that force done), but realized from discussion with other players who will be a part of that event that we’ve got a really huge Nurgle presence already ready to assault the walls. So rather than double-up things, I wanted to spread out a bit more. I had known that I wanted to add a Khorne contingent to my army list, as there was much talk of a Host of Bloodthirsters assaulting the Throne room. So I’ve been going crazy on the Khorne side of things. Yet I didn’t want just daemons, as while I’ll have at least some hordes of troops with the daemons I also wanted to have lines of warriors and rows of siege tanks to break down the walls (envisioning those sorts of battles you see in the art of just lines of war).

Battle for Terra, art by Eddy Gonzalez Davila (check his instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/eddy_gonz/ )

So to that end, I thought about what 40k Chaos Legions are not represented in our local meta, but still worked with the Daemon forces that I’ve developed–as I’ve got a lot of Nurgle and the growing Khorne. We have Death Guard, Black Legion, World Eaters, and Thousand Sons covered, plus a whole lot of Slaanesh and Tzeentch daemons. So that led me to thinking about some of the groups that could cover all chaos forces: Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, and Night Lords. I’m not keen on the Iron Warriors look, and gave some tries at Word Bearer armor, but finally found a tutorial on Night Lords that I absolutely loved. After a few practice models turned out well, I committed, and it’s the cursed sons of Conrad Kurze for me. To pair with Khorne, as they’re the 8th Legion (very auspicious), and even more than that, I’m thinking they’ll be the 8th Company. There’s very little fluff on the 8th Company, just a picture of a Contemptor Dread in a Forge World Horus Heresy book with just a bit of info about the 8th company. (Reference: https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Reeve ). The dread houses a former Company Commander, and the company name is The Circle of Inclemency. Which sounds utterly delightful. So I’m going to go with that.

Khorne – The Gathering of Eight

The one part I know I want to do is finally get all the Khorne forces I’ve got completed, as there was much talk of the Host of Bloodthirsters assaulting the Throne room in our big game this Fall. So I’ve started up on a Khorne kick again alongside the Night Lords. I’ve got Skarbrand done, and three assembled Bloodthirsters (plus three in box waiting to be built, hah). But to really place them down in a meaningful way that means surrounding them with smaller Khorne forces. I’m really trying to do the “boys over toys” approach to things, as that’s what makes big games look really epic: huge lines of troops advancing on positions, with key bigger pieces amidst them.

So here’s the Khornate Progress thus far:

Skull Cannon of Khorne
Another unit of 10x Bloodletters of Khorne
And a third total unit of 10x Bloodletters of Khorne
Karanak, the Cerebus-looking Flesh Hound of Khorne
Flesh Hounds of Khorne

All told I’m pretty pleased with all the painting progress I got in on Khorne stuff. It makes a fun balance to the Night Lords (see below).

Night Lords

A big part of me getting excited about the Night Lords (over Word Bearers, which I also painted some test models for, and would have fit my Daemon army well), was that I found a paint scheme that I really liked. I tried a first Night Lord with a flat color paint scheme, and while it was okay, I didn’t love it. Then I found a great metallic blue tutorial for Night Lords from Kabin Miniatures (check it out here: https://youtu.be/nFJJTCEMyQY ). I gave it a try, with some of my own color tricks for the reds and leathers, and really loved how it came together. Particularly with my lava base scheme. So with some hunting around the fluff, The Night Lords 8th Legion–The Circle of Inclemency–has begun. I’ve painted more Night Lords points this month than anything else combined all year (and honestly all pandemic). Which shows me something.

Night Lords Warpsmith. Really pleased with him, to the point that at least for now he’ll be the leader of my Crusade force.
Night Lords Sorcerer. Definitely a needed addition, though psykers will take a bit of a rear seat for the force as they’ll frequently be pairing with Khorne (and don’t want to draw his ire, hah).
The first five Night Lords Chaos Space Marines. The one with the meltagun on the right was my test model for the scheme, but they all turned out quite neat I think.
Night Lords Obliterator. This was a fun model to do, as I really enjoy the warped flesh elements the model has. Particularly the weird feet/toes. Creepy!
Did up a Chaos Space Marines Predator Tank as well. At first I was worried, as I tried doing the whole tank in the metallic blue. That just looked too much, particularly as the blue sections’ sheen isn’t always uniform. So I went with large sections of black (and a few of that gold color trim) to balance the blue. I’m still not in love with my lightning bolt freehand work, but overall I’m quite pleased.

Crusade – Charadon: Book of Rust

Our local game store, Drawbridge Games, is running a Crusade campaign, leveraging the Charadon: Book of Rust rules. I managed to get my first game in against Matt’s Adeptus Sororitas Sisters of Battle force. It was a good game, and I managed to keep it close until the last of my units were wiped out by his firepower. Those battlesuit sisters pack a punch. A couple of shots from the game are below.

Skarbrand was a workhorse, destroying 2 units of Battle Sisters, a Rhino tank, an Immolator, and a Canoness (cutting off the leg of the latter and leaving her needing a bionic replacement in the campaign) all before he was finally gunned down.
Even the Bloodletters charging from out of warp and with bonus attacks thanks to Skarbrand being nearby could not stop the Sororitas battlesuits.
The Night Lords infantry let the Bloodletters do the fighting while they fired from cover, protecting an objective. Ultimately they were wiped out by some charging Seraphim, but overall was a fun game.

Marvel Corner

Finally–and quickly–I am still slowly but surely adding to my Marvel Crisis Protocol options. I finished Rocket Raccoon last month, so that meant this month I surely needed to add Groot to the completed/painted side of my pile of shame.

Groot was pretty simple to paint. Could have done more, but I was satisfied with a bit of depth and a suggestion of roots.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 188/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Models Painted 5/12

Painting and Painting

Painting and Painting

So much over the past couple of months in terms of painting, I wanted to give just the dump update of that. While some of it was for my Chaos forces, a lot was new Tau models to bring into my force (and finishing up two older ones that needed the finishing touches to be complete). Plus I also managed a Marvel Crisis Protocol character in September! Huzzah.

I’m still hoping to make my painting threat for the year: 366 points of 40k painted, and 25 Marvel Crisis Protocol figures. Will be a busy end of the year, but I’m hopeful. Looks like in-person gaming might finally be coming back too, which with safety precaution I’m optimistic about. And will certainly drive the painting progress.

Tau Additions

A whole lot of stuff to add in. While I finished up some characters, I’m most pleased with my Stealth Teams and Ghostkeel and their cloaking technology. It’s fun to paint them as if they’re using it, and phasing thru it in fun ways. I’ve got another two Ghostkeels and at least one more set of Stealth Suits ahead of me too.

Side view really shows the cloaking technology best on the Ghostkeel.

Front View is much more bland, as it should be technically. “Nothing to see here”. Hah.

A similar look for my Stealth Suits, and added a pair of Shield Drones to them. I’ll want to beef up these squads as I go forward, but good to have the leader of each of them with the Markerlight already ready.

Here’s a close-up of one of the Stealth Suits. It’s definitely fun to figure out where to put the cloaking technology line, and the blue looks really good I think.

Also added a Commander in XV85 armor (had been in progress for a long time, finally got finished up).

And Shas’o R’alai as well. Had him for even longer, just needing to finish some highlights to make him really work.

Finally added some Smart Missile Turrets so that my Fire Warriors could choose more hidden spots and still have something to add to fights.

I am definitely going to change up my drones, likely give them bases that look like others (so I can magnetize them). But this was a really big start to getting a much more sizable Tau force added to what I had already completed. See here for more Tau goodness: https://chalkboardwar.com/2020/09/09/a-return-is-greater-good/

Chaos Forces

My combined Nurgle and Khorne Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor has been posted here already in my fluff for that combined crusade. But he also should be counted toward my painting progress so here he is again.

Also finished up a Chaos Knight Tyrant. This model was a ton of fun to paint, and I really enjoyed working on it. Was quite pleased with how it came together. Will be a while before I field it no doubt, but still good to get done.

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Black Widow in an alternate color scheme of my own devising. I don’t plan on using her in the game, so she was an odd stumbling block for completion. Been sitting on my paint table since literally February. Glad she’s done. On to the Green Goblin!

2020 Painting Challenge Progress

168/366 Warhammer 40k Power Points Painted

15/25 Marvel Crisis Protocol Models Painted

Rage Virus: A Crusade Begins

Rage Virus: A Crusade Begins

[Summary of personal research notes. Malcolm Blackstone, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor]

At this point I am not sure if Qahr G’azab remembers his own name, let alone whether he understands the fragile tension he seems to represent in the machinations of the Immaterium. I record here what I know of his past and present, in hopes that it lends me strength in purging the galaxy of him and his ills.

From what I can tell, while Qahr G’azab walks among the cursed of the Death Guard, he is not of their Legion. At least not originally. I found records of a Qahr G’azab being elevated from initiate to Legionnaire for the World Eaters, recruited from the human settlement of a distant fringe planet shortly before the World Eaters were recalled to Warmaster Horus’ 63rd fleet for the engagement with the Auretian Technocracy. This was the time when the World Eaters were operating in the fringes. I cannot find out whether Qahr was subject to the technically-prohibited “butcher’s nails” procedure of his Legion at the time. I doubt so due to later moments.

The viral bombing of Istvaan III

The next time the name Qahr G’azab appears is amid two separate estimations of order of battle, both from Istvaan III. Our World Eaters Qahr G’azab is among those dispatched to the surface along with Angron when he defied Horus’ will and went to wipe out those in his Legion that remained loyal to the Emperor (long may their sacrifice be remembered). While records later in the Heresy get muddled, those early actions auto-scribes were still listing battle actions with care–and thus we know of Qahr’s landing on the planet.

Strangely, the other order of battle record is one of a battle brother of the Death Guard, named Gazab, recalled from the surface of Istvaan and listed as having sustained serious damage on the surface. He is listed by the admitting medicae on the Endurance (Mortarion’s flagship) as having been damaged by the detonation of a dud viral ordinance cluster that the Loyalists must have rigged for their side. That matches a story I extracted at no great difficulty from a captured member of the Death Guard, pried from their mind amid agonizing death throes as their body literally ate itself to prevent it from giving me the information I sought.

As best I can piece it together, this Gazab was a battle brother whose unit had been entirely wiped out, and found by other Death Guard forces–his armor steaming and nearly melted away by the converted ordinance blast. At the time, they had thought that the viral agents were defective in the cluster, so he was only exposed to the acidic vapors designed to eat thru armor to allow infection. All that was left of the armor was an insignia of him being a part of the First Company. This Gazab was delirious and insensate from the damage, and thus was put into a medical coma upon arrival at the Endurance, earmarked for return to the First Company. However, that must have been delayed as Typhon led the chase for the Eisenstein.

Gazab in medical stasis on the Endurance

Records get much more spotty after this, and I was reliant upon again those imperfect captured memories from the corrupted. By arrival for the Battle of Terra, I get an account of a Gazab getting refit on Typhus’ (Typhon in his newly-daemonic form) ship and joining the assault on the surface–and distinguishing himself amid his Legion. Remember, at this point the Legion had spent their time becalmed in the Warp and fully given over to Nurgle.

Was this Gazab the same Qahr G’azab who had been a World Eater? I believe so. The white of the World Eaters, melted away, would be close to the neutral of the Death Guard. And without the Butcher’s Nails applied, the medical scans would have shown him as no different than any Legionnaire on the Endurance. He was perhaps still even in medical coma when the diseased factors of the warp infiltrated the Endurance and changed the Legion. And finally as horrid and repulsive as the powers of Nurgle are, his notion of “Grandfather” makes an odd room for family. Could he have awakened burdened with plague, and simply not remembered nor cared to remember his past? At the point of corruption, did the Plague Marines of the Death Guard even care about their record keeping amid a Legion so numerous? Everything I have suggests to me that this warrior started as a World Eater, but due to circumstance found a space amid the Death Guard.

Accounts of him amid the Death Guard that I extracted were of a soldier of the line who preferred using two plague knives shaped almost like butchers’ cleavers in lieu of his bolter for many of the battles. The memories are hazy (again extracted at much difficulty from an untrustworthy source), but they are of a taciturn fighter who waded into combat almost instinctually. Proving his capability with Typhus’ Company, he served amid those gifted with Cataphractii Terminator Armor.

Gazab using axe-like plague knives, conflict unknown

At some point Gazab rose in ability to the point he was elevated to leadership himself in Typhus’ twisted hierarchy of post-Heresy operation. Clearly given his own raiding ship to command, we start to see scattered incursions where he was operating on his own to further the First Company’s endeavors in regions. Notably, the attrition rate of his force was perpetually high due to his style of warfare: adding aggression to the stern methodology of the Death Guard’s implacable advances.

The memories I recovered ended with the most notable ones to our purposes, Gazab’s recent history. He had been working with his Putrifiers and Plague Surgeons to better improve the Poxwalkers that continually had to bolster his forces. While every member of the Death Guard now holds a variety of mixed diseases, the chattel infected by him had a tendency to arise with a particular sort of vigor and thirst for blood. Taking samples from his distended gut, they worked to refine and spread it amongst his command forces. This new sickness they called simply “Rage”.

And that’s where my own trail of Gazab starts. I was dispatched to a planet that I had been to once before, a little industrial world called Cetaro. When I had first been there it was because of a wave of Khornate cults that were using bloodsport rituals that appeased the masses in order to reach daemonic tributes. This second visit was because of reports of a blood pathogen disease that turned those exposed into frothing and gnashing ghoul-like remnants of themselves, bent on passing the disease on to others amid violent attack. Early on it had looked like local officials would be overwhelmed by the spread, but they did well to keep it in check (thanks to massive purges of the potentially infected).

Arriving on Cetaro, I found that it was Gazab (hitherto unknown to me) and his small warband behind these actions. More disturbingly, he was apparently utilizing a base that had missed my first sweep of the planet’s taint–some long-lost industrial workshop that had been one of these makeshift shrines to Khorne. In my forces’ assault on his base, they found Gazab at the heart of that foundry, and in a moment of heavy assault he reached for a weapon that apparently had been left on a dias from before. The combat-servitor scans confirmed that the weapon was an axe, branded with the symbol of Khorne. And once his strange tentacled hand clasped the haft of the axe, the rune started to glow with heat. More worrisome for my purposes, it seemed to trigger a warp event that led to a small number of twisted daemons emerging into the space to join the battle against my forces (all I could recover were servitor recordings and the active data logs). The daemons that poured thru were not just Nurgle daemons in their shambling ways, but also a small number of Khornate daemons with their burning weapons.

Gazab (Chaos Lord of Nurgle… and Khorne?)

The puzzlement of this… this conjunction of rage within Gazab, and his positioning between Nurgle and Khorne, is why I worked to learn what I could of his history. The more I see of it, the more I worry. Gazab needs to be stopped. Whatever he is up to–supporting Typhus’ plans, spreading this viral Rage, and striking with the support of two Chaos Gods–seems destined to be a problem. My hope is that this conflict within him tears him apart and sunders his plans, as Khorne and Nurgle oft compete in their machinations. My dread is that his foundling status, the way that both Khorne and Nurgle are entwined within him, makes him a loci of power for broader daemonic power and cooperation. He must be stopped.

Rage Rising

Rage Rising

Welp. Coronavirus/Covid-19 hit my painting progress hard, and my ability to play games with friends even harder. Amid it I embarked on a new (related?) project with my 40k armies, adding in a Khorne Daemons contingent to my Nurgle force. We’re planning a “Daemon World” event over the Summer (well… was over the summer… now for “when we can game in person again), and I decided that I would be repping team Khorne (as a couple buddies are thinking of going Team Nurgle).

So this is just my painting progress thus far with Khorne forces, no battle reports as of yet. I’m having them match my Nurgle daemons in one sense: the chitin of bugs and the blue of horned protrusions are the same colors with these models as with the Nurgle ones. So any bug-arms (or the little flies) on the Nurgle models are the same scheme as the Khorne models. And of course the same basing style helps tie them together as well.

Chaos Daemons 40k Herald of Khorne Bloodmaster Conversion

This Bloodmaster is the model that started it all. I was looking at the Age of Sigmar effects and the Khorne box had this crazy eye-bleeding skull, and I was like “what if that had a guy floating behind it?”. So I did it up. And I’m especially tickled by the results. I envision that Khorne himself “promoted” this Bloodletter to a Bloodmaster by throwing a massive skull from his throne thru the immaterium onto his head.


I really struggle to stick to my plan of “boys before toys” with Warhammer 40k armies, so tried to get moving on some troops before I got lost in HQ after HQ. These are the first ten Bloodletters I finished. I have 20 more sitting on the painting table now. I’m enjoying doing their swords as lava weapons. 


Daemon Prince with Wings. Navigating the lava weapon on some of the larger characters will be interesting. The other thing I’m working on is Skarbrand, and his weapons are like “alive”, so they probably won’t be lava. But I wanted this guy’s axe to be that way. I’m really liking the way the white symbols of Khorne pop on the various models. 

So progress with painting at least has resumed despite quarantine. And I hope that soon enough some comfort with gaming can return and I can get these angry Khorne models on the table in the summer.

2020 Painting Challenge Progress

96/366 Warhammer 40k Power Points Painted

14/25 Marvel Crisis Protocol Models Painted



40K: Protest

40K: Protest

Part three of a continuing project log of my 40k Tau army and their efforts to retain control of the United Systems of Atreidia, against the gradual uprising posed by my buddy Enrico’s Terran, Chaos, and Genestealer Cult forces. Check out part one and part two if you’re inclined. 

The Story So Far:

To say that the rhetoric among the citizens of Atreidia was getting violent would be an understatement. Groups of Terran citizens took to the streets to protest Tau occupation, Tau taxation, and Tau development policies. Again, the segments of the city that were in process of being rebuilt after a massive acid typhoon were where the sentiment was strongest, as off-world xenos laborers were being shipped in to take many construction jobs. The Tau tried to explain that the Vespid workers they were employing could better handle the conditions of acid residue labor, but it fell on deaf ears. One popular voice demanded that the Vespid pay for their work privilege, and pay for a full protective shieldwall on that side of town themselves.

Tau Chaos Khorne Daemonkin Cover Photo March

That sparked a march in the sector, which drew a variety of people interested in the proceedings. While some were the most virulent of anti-Tau proponents, many others were simply lured in by economic crisis or the sheer charisma of the organizers.

1 Counter Protest Tau

Trouble began when an off-duty Tau Fire Caste Warrior showed up at the protest. Unarmored and unarmed, he nonetheless began yelling back at the crowd and preventing their marching. The situation turned ugly quick, with cries about freedom of speech clashing with his own shouts about how good the Terrans have things under Tau guidance and they should all just go home. It was then that someone in the crowd threw a rock, striking the arguing Tau in the head and knocking him out cold.

2 Tau Suppression Fire

Tau military units had been monitoring the protest, suspecting that additional infiltrators from the desert group that was organizing resistance were among them. When a Tau was injured by the crowd, the forces responded with an attempt to disperse the masses. Their DS8 Tactical Support Turrets had been loaded with gas shells, which would launch a ultimately harmless but quite unpleasant plant pollen into the crowds. The stinging itch was calculated to disperse the protesters without causing undue harm. And thus, they fired on the crowd.

3 The Daemon Emerges

It was the organized munitions launching into the group that finally turned outrage into pure hatred. The entire crowd surged with a wave of anger. It was the moment that the demagogue amid the crowd was waiting for. He and his followers were in tune with that anger, and savored the crackling energy it released into the air. The ritual sigils from ancient Terran myth that they had smeared on themselves using the blood of desert bovines began to hum with power. In seconds, they were reborn. The demagogue’s robes tore free, and strange brass armor began to grow from his skin. Around him, the faithful were sprouting all manner of change–their muscles enlarging with madness and strange growths protruding from their bodies. They had become possessed by the spirits of pure anger.

4 Summoning Reinforcements

With horrifying confidence, the new form of the demagogue waved an arcane pattern in the air, and two pools of energy formed on the city streets. Striding from one nearby were a cadre of strange, armed and armored figured, their armor colored blood red. The far one shimmered and beings exited as well, but the distance of their arrival and strange, cloven-footed forms had trouble being recorded on Tau viewscreens.

5 The Civilians Scatter

With screams of panic, the protesters abandoned their signs and fled for their lives. Judging the new arrivals to be a threat, simply because of their mad dash at the Tau lines, the Tau security forces opened fire. The fleeing protesters were struck by errant bullets from the Tau, but those protesters that neared any of the new arrivals’ positions met and equally grisly fate as they lashed out indiscriminately at all life near them.

6 Brave Resistance

The Tau used what redeploying methods they could to buy more time against the onslaught–the Breacher team that took cover in their Devilfish emerged again to deliver a close proximity burst at the armored foes. Yet their numbers were small, and the Devilfish and Piranha that were helping patrol the sector didn’t carry the kind of ordinance needed to repel such desperate foes.

7 Strange Alien Allies

The distant creatures that had arrived finally made it to the Tau lines, and the Ethereal Commander Lisbet W’ren looked on at the strange alien race that seemed to be working with these Terrans. They had cruel hooves for feet, strange elongated heads, red blistered skin, and carried wicked blackish swords. Ethereal Commander Lisbet had never seen such creatures, despite contributing to over thirteen colonization missions personally. Their deadly strikes made short work of the nearby drones.

8 Tau Ethereal Versus Khorne Herald

Pressed between the jaws of two forces, Commander Lisbet tried a desperate gamble. She rushed forward to try and stop the threat of the warped demagogue with her own honor blade. While she managed to fend him off for a bit, his deadly strength proved too much for her under-armored form. She fled on foot, with small drops of blue blood littering the path she took as she ran. She glanced back, seeing that every one of her Fire Warriors had fallen in brave service–only the crews of the vehicles had survived besides herself.

9 Khorne Daemonkin Herald of Khorne Olim Yia Maw of Rage

As the Tau fled, the demagogue climbed up a structure. The portable microphone and amplifier he had been using when in the crowd was now strangely fused to his new body. He lifted the skull-shaped microphone to his mouth, and his shout reverberated around the entire sector. “I am Olim Yia, prophet of what is to come. Join us Terrans. Resist the Tau and embrace what is fundamental to your nature, what ancient power runs in your blood. Embrace your true Terran feelings of hatred and anger. The Tau do not understand them with their alien fishbrains. It’s what sets us apart, and through our natures we can become strong. Join me, join us, join the great spirit of Khorne that lurks in every Terran’s soul. You can feel him there, calling you even now. Give in, and we can ‘Make Atreidia Great Again!'”

Thus was born the first of the revealed prophets, Olim Yia, the Maw of Rage.

Tau Project Log

Tau Full Force June 2016

Like I mentioned last time, my goal was to at least have a force org chart filled. So a Breacher Squad, an Ethereal, a Piranha, and two DS8 turrets were what I focused on to get there. A very small force (around 450 points) but still enough for a regular game.

Tau Ethereal Wargame Exclusive Alternate Sculpt Widow of Vengeance

The Tau Ethereal I added is a resin model from Wargame Exclusive, a company from the Ukraine (at least that’s where it was shipped from) that does creative sculpts of various models in the 40k universe that don’t have models created by GW (such as Tau models with some persona and character to them, including female Tau). I really liked a number of their models, and while some are a little cheesecake, I figured that the diversity in the model would look really nice amidst the army–and I think it came together nicely.

Tau Piranha with Fusion Blaster

Finally, I’m really proud of the look of the Tau Piranha that I finished up, so I couldn’t resist a close up (there wasn’t one in the “footage”, as it mostly swooped around and missed its shots).

For the battle itself, we used a limited number of turns plus HQ kill as the deciding factor. In addition, we built up rules for the fleeing members of the demonstration group: missed ranged hits by Tau would potentially kill them, while missed melee strikes from Khorne models may kill them. Whichever side killed the most civilians would get the worse of things in the “press”–and sadly the Tau missed more shots and thus contributed to more injured or dead overall.

40K: Entrances

40K: Entrances

Part two of a continuing project log of my 40k Tau army and their efforts to retain control of the United Systems of Atreidia, against the gradual uprising posed by my buddy Enrico’s Terran, Chaos, and Genestealer Cult forces. Check out part one here if you’re inclined. 

The Story So Far:

Unrest is up in the United Systems of Atreidia, complicated by economic downturn. In particular, the dust wastes that lie between the three main cities on the central planet have suffered a severe reduction in arability. Tau scientists have pointed out that the actions of the Terran in the wastes, particularly carbon-based fuel usage, has increased this effect, the Terrans insist on denying their culpability. Instead, streams of wastelanders are seeking entrance to the city looking for better work. Yet not all wastelanders have pure intentions.

1 Tau Checkpoint and Desert Pilgrims

The lines grew long at checkpoint 72-R. Security was tight, as the local populace of the city was still resenting the unfortunate events of a week prior. The Shas’ui of the Strike Squad that patrolled this city entrance swapped out his Gun Drones for a more peaceful Shield Drone in hopes of quelling the concerns of the populace. He watched from a vantage point in an abandoned construction project as a group of wastelanders approached the city seeking entry.

2 Tau inspection and cult leaders

The two Tau Fire Warriors stationed at the entrance stopped the head of the column, two men in heavy robes leading a large and over-burdened pack animal. The Tau were allowing entry in orderly fashion, but demanded that all weapons and contraband items be confiscated upon entry.

3 Chaos Cult elements waiting in the city

Little did they know that the two pilgrim leaders, and the group of wastelanders that followed them, were coming to join up with resistance elements inside the city. A new story was spreading about human resistance. Some viewed it as one grand old movement opposing the Tau order, while others talked of divisions and factions within the group. Needless to say, their rhetoric was clearly in opposition to the Tau arrival. In fact, recently they were publicizing the fact that a high-ranking Tau Water Caste official had been transmitting classified transmissions over a private Comms relay server. These transmissions were intercepted by the Terran leaders, and were rumored to contain sensitive cost-benefit analysis of Tau Gun Drone usage: how many civilians were tolerable losses given the benefits of automated defense.¹

4 Tau vs Chaos Cultist first attack

Given the charged tension, the demands of the Tau border security to surrender all weapons struck the match. When the Tau denied entrance and insisted on starting a scan protocol for weaponry, one of the wastelanders knew that their armaments–designed to help arm Terran resistance agents in the city–would be confiscated. Thus, he decided to attack, and began firing his autopistol wildly toward the Tau.

5 Workers and Tau Drones

The squad manning the border checkpoint was supported by a Devilfish personnel carrier, which immediately began scanning the crowd for threats. Very quickly the call sounded over the Tau communication systems: “There’s a bomb! One of them has a bomb!” The Shas’ui trained his markerlight at the pack animal, presuming the weapon was large and carried on its back. The Devilfish scrambled its Gun Drones and moved to block the roadway. Nearby Terran repair workers watched everything unfold with shocked disbelief. Even though the wastelanders had shot first, seeing Gun Drones moving and firing at Terrans incensed the passers-by.

1 ANN Newsflash Tau Game 2

The calculation to take out the bovine was a mistake on the Tau’s part, as they underestimated the fervor of the Terrans who opposed them. With a cry, one of the two hooded pilgrims ran forward and produced a demolition charge from under his robes. He threw it onto the Devilfish, but it bounced back toward him before detonating: killing him instantly, but still managing to damage the Tau vehicle.

6 Death Toll Chaos Cultists vs Tau Devilfish

The Tau at the checkpoint were easily overpowered by gunfire from the wastelanders and attacks from incensed Terran civilians. Only the crew of the Devilfish managed to continue the fight. It tank shocked its way out of the streets and into the wasteland for more room to maneuver. Wastelander, cultist, and angry citizen alike scattered and then renewed their assault on the craft. They charged it, attempting to blast it open with whatever they could–including all manner of repair tools supplied by the work crews that rose to violence. In another Tau miscalculation of necessary use of force and the value of automated systems, the flechette discharger housed on the Devilfish began spraying the attackers with flying metal spurs, injuring and killing many of them who assaulted it.

7 Worker and child flee the scene

One lone workman, grabbing a child and dragging them along from the scene, fled from the carnage dished out by both sides. The streets ran red and blue with blood from both races. As the worker fled, he heard a blast in the distance. A lucky shot to the rear of the tank from a flamethrower managed to destroy the Tau craft. It would take hours before the Tau could secure the entrance point, and another two waves of anti-Tau wastelanders and their armaments would make their way into the city in the meantime.

8 A Clue the Tau missed

In the aftermath, the Tau treated the clean-up as another instance of shovel-ready projects to employ the Terrans of the city. This was a critical mistake, not only for shoving the death toll in the Terrans’ faces. Also because the Tau missed a critical clue as to the nature of their foe. The pilgrim leader who didn’t throw the demo charge, lay dead on the pavement with a pulse rifle shot to his head. Yet as the workmen pulled his corpse away, his right arm was exposed–a strange, pincer-like claw was at the end of his hand, while the strange red symbol that was spreading through the resistance movement was worn on a lanyard around his neck. Things were brewing, both in the wasteland and the city, and the Tau remained unaware.


¹ Thanks to GeorgeJetson of the Advanced Tau Tactica forums for the idea on this!

Tau Project Log

Tau Devilfish and Shield Drone

Slowly but surely I’m painting up more stuff for these games. This week I finished a Devilfish and a Shield Drone. I wanted to get a vehicle completed, as I wanted to make sure the color scheme worked okay at that larger scale. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The next battle I’ll actually have a regular force organization chart filled!

For this battle, we again used the Combat Patrol Rules where each model is independent. The wastelanders outside and the cultists inside were all unmarked Chaos Cultists. One of the two pilgrims was also equipped with a Demolition Charge. Again, the groups of citizen workers would start attacking the Tau if they made a leadership test by their groups. We also recognized that the Devilfish was pretty impervious, so we made a special rule for the scenario that both cultists and workmen could harm it in melee with an attack roll of 6, followed by a damage roll of 6, representing bringing work-designed rather than weapon-designed tools, or crude wasteland bombs, to bear on the Devilfish. It also made for a reason to attempt to charge the vehicle, and try to live through the deadly flechettes. As I said just above, next week will be the first battle we do where both sides have a somewhat regular command structure (HQ and two Troops plus FOC elements).

Genestealer Chaos Cult

One last note and spoiler. Rico started out working on expanding his excellent Khorne Daemonkin army as a part of this story. However, we’re both old (oooooold) 40k players, and he dug out on idea from an ancient compendium: the original compilation of the rules for Genestealers. I didn’t realize this, but they were divided between Genestealer Invasion Force and Genestealer Cult. And the “Cult” part was an actual Chaos Cult that they used to advance their power. All those classic photos of the Genestealer Cult with the two custom limos, if you look close you see the symbols of Khorne and a Daemonsword and everything. Thus, Rico wanted to do an homage to that force, and add the Genestealer Cult as allies to his Khorne Daemonkin forces. It sounds amazing, and it’s all the funnier for the campaign as it represents a diverse faction for satire: are the demagogues that lead them actually believers in the principles of Khorne? Or are they merely running under that banner for their own ends?

40k: First Spark

40k: First Spark

Part one of a continuing project log of my 40k Tau army and their efforts to retain control of the United Systems of Atreidia, against the gradual uprising posed by my buddy Enrico’s Terran and Chaos forces. 

The Story So Far:

Some people ask what the spark was that started the Atreidia revolt. Certainly the initial seeds were planted eleven cycles ago when the Tau first arrived and made their compacts with the system to provide technology and improvements in exchange for military presence in their expansion. However, a much closer flash point moment happened recently when a Tau Fire Caste patrol got into trouble, and one death led to many more.

2 Tau with interpreter

Tau patrol 271-R was working with a local Terran interpreter to help root out some local gang activity. The Shas’ui was assigned four other Fire Warriors to the patrol, along with two Gun Drones for security and monitoring purposes. At a busy intersection in the part of the city where an acid typhoon had rotted away some buildings, creating the perfect slum conditions where gangs could hide, they conducted their interviews of the working people who passed through the area.

1 ANN Newsflash Tau Game 1

Sadly, a young child and his sister were out in the street nearby. According to eyewitness accounts, the boy had a small street cleaning device and was attempting to scrape a subsistence wage through community beautification “shovel-ready” projects. A passing Tau Drone registered the cleaning device incorrectly, and security protocols were initiated incorrectly. Security film footage later released on the Atreidia News Network shows the Drone bleating a warning out twice, but the noise of the cleaning device may have made the child miss the warning. As the child turned toward the Drone, the hostility matrix was triggered and the Drone fired. The child died instantly, with his sister watching on and mother nearby.

3 After the Drone strike Tau

The Shas’ui recognized the malfunction of the Drone, and endeavored to apologize to the mother and child and promise both improved revision of the Drone protocol as well as full restitution from the Tau government for both loss of life and grieving. The mother, a poor scrap-cleaner from the ruined area, was inconsolable. Also, the excessively legalistic way of the Tau language was poorly translated by the fresh Terran interpreter, making the mother wail all the more.

4 Angry civilians

A group of local laborers were nearby and not only saw the shooting but also heard the mother’s crying. This particular group had recently been threatened with reduced work hours at the manufactorium where they worked because a contingent of Vespid workers, who needed less sleep cycles, were inbound from the neighboring system–which made them all the more incensed at the Tau and the young child’s death. One of their number started the chaos by approaching the Terran interpreter and starting a shoving match with him.

5 Known Chaos Cultists of Khorne

Meanwhile, one of the Terrans-first hate groups that had organized as a gang was nearby. Their leaders had been preaching a story of anger and rage against the Tau, and this armed group was ready to act. The shoving match, and seeing the Tau Drones responding with further security protocol warnings, gave them the opening they needed to embrace their anger and attack.

7 Tau vs Khorne Cultists

The rest of Tau patrol 271-R was trying to get back to their Shas’ui when the armed gang of angered citizens struck. Opening up with shotguns and autoguns, bullets flew at the outnumbered Tau patrol. The Fire Warriors’ instincts kicked in, and their return fire with pulse rifles hit with deadly accuracy against the unarmored rabble. The noise of shooting and the sight of Tau firing their weapons at Terrans caused the situation to escalate quickly. One of the Tau was killed by a gout of fire from a flamer carried by one of the gang members.

6 Civilians attack the interpreter

The group of Terran workers turned into an angry mob instantly. The Terran interpreter was beaten senseless at their hands. They seemed enraged at his collaboration with the xenos who had killed the child, and now were firing on people they took as citizens.

8 The last of the Tau are beaten

It devolved into chaos in the streets, with the sheer numbers of Terran citizens being too much for the small patrol of Tau to handle. With wrenches, tools, and servo-assisted work fists, the Fire Warriors were beaten and killed by the rampaging mob. With the images broadcasted on the news network across the system, resentment and anger began building among the populace. Meanwhile, the Tau had lost five Fire Warriors themselves, and had a brewing bout of anti-colonial resistance on their hands.

Looking back at all the bloodshed and war that came through the Atredian campaign, this little moment of spark was what set everything in motion in the years to come.

Tau Project Log

9 Painted Tau

In addition to finishing the Terran interpreter model (seen in pictures above), I settled on a color scheme for my Tau and got a first unit of Troops finished up. Five members of a Fire Warrior Strike Squad, with two Gun Drones. The Shas’ui has a Pulse Carbine with markerlight and target lock. I’m pretty happy with the color scheme, inspired somewhat by the N’dras paint color suggestion GW had on the back of the Stealth Suit box. It was just enough to run our small mission above.

The mission was pretty simple, and used classic Combat Patrol rules where each model activated independently. For the interpreter and the Terrans, we used the stats of Chaos Cultists but armed only with hand weapons. Working people were weapon skill 2 however, and the few children models (manufactorium apprentices) were additionally strength 2 and toughness 2. The gangers were simply Chaos Cultists unmarked. We placed the citizens in groups around the board, and each group did leadership tests to “hear” the situation, and would activate accordingly. The Tau waited to fire weapons or fight until the Terrans acted first, and the Shas’ui spent time using leadership tests to try and order the bereaved woman and her child to flee the area of danger when things started to get out of hand.

40k: Make Atreidia Great Again

40k: Make Atreidia Great Again

So a good friend of mine, Rico, and I are long-time 40k players. And while I’m very excited about Warmachine and Hordes recently, both of us have been discussing a want to fiddle with some 40k as well. So we decided to effectively do a two person, story-driven campaign to motivate both of us to paint up a full army for 40k. When we play, we usually end up talking politics, so we thought: why not something political? So, here is the official beginning of our campaign. 

Tau SymbolThe story so far:


For eleven cycles now, the three-planet system of Atreidia has seen some great changes. Consisting of three planetoids in close orbit together around a sun, the peoples of Atreidia were long ago human colonists from Terra. Yet the activity of the Maelstrom separated them from the Imperium of Man for millenia, and the small size of their planetoids meant that Imperial exploration of the Ultima Segmentum only stopped briefly at their system to reinstate rule of the Emperor, installing a planetary governor, then moving on. At that point, the Atreidians had developed rudimentary space travel of their own, and had colonized the two near planetoids as well as Atreidus Prime–calling themselves the United Systems of Atreidia (USA).

Chalkboardwar United System of AtreidiaImperial star charts map the United Systems of Atreidia where the green N’dras sept marker rests in the lower right. 

Then eleven cycles ago, the Tau arrived. They first came with a Water Caste ambassador and a small retinue, then with only slightly more force. The population, far from Imperial center and even farther from concern, was quickly brought under Tau rule as they were unable to organize even passing defense. And while some citizens have come to embrace the Tau philosophy and system of rule, others resent the imposition on their rights and freedoms. New taxation provided many services that the human population lacked in the past, but the arrival of the Tau and other immigrant races from their Empire also spread a great deal of xenophobia and mistrust. As discord became more widespread, violence followed. And in the wake of that, the Tau increased their security presence in the system.

Tau Propaganda PosterNow, a movement has started underground to violently resist the Tau oppression. Rumors tell of a charismatic, angry leader that is spreading the word of a new set of goals and leadership for the people of the United Systems of Atreidia. The slogan “Make Atreidia Great Again” has been appearing on graffiti across the planets. Those who are closer to the movement speak of the quasi-religious overtones being adopted by the human resistance. They speak of something buried in the race-memory of man and of ancient practices that are unique to mankind’s culture and unknown by the Tau. The more citizens connect with these ideas, the more unbridled rage and anger seems to suffuse their speeches and their actions. To identify each other, adherents have been crafting symbols of their affiliation: small wooden or brass carvings dyed red.


With this level of unrest, it’s only a matter of time until war sparks in the streets and full revolt happens across the United Systems of Atreidia. Will the promises of better life through cooperation and governmental action win, or will the raw fury of unbridled nationalism and chaotic rebellion triumph?