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365 and Flight

365 and Flight

End of the year 2021, and it’s the first time I’ve finally hit my painting goal for the Brush Wielder’s Union. This year it was 365+ PL of 40k models and at least 12 Marvel Crisis Protocol models. Really proud to have hit the mark, when I fell short of what I had promised to do in both 2019 and 2020 (the latter for good reason). I set the Brush Wielder’s Union code as the top image for this post, and if anyone is interested in checking them out, I find it to be the best Patreon that I back. I get a journal to track my painting, a community that is always supportive, a letter each month of painting encouragement, and just plain accountability for my painting goals (and this year I actually get the goal pin!). Check them out here: https://www.patreon.com/brushwielders

I ended up at 376 total PL for 40k, having completed the other Flyer model I took to Dogfight December–a Tyranid Hive Crone.

In addition, I finished up the year with painting some Aeronautica Imperialis models, some Asuryani planes.

I’ll be fielding those in the upcoming “Bummer Bowl”, which I’ll post more about in the new year (were going to get it in the week before new year’s, but had to be delayed… a bummer in and of itself).

All-in-all a hard year but one where at the very least I turned the corner with my painting. Really felt like I hit a good pace and stride, and saw how clearly having events to aim at helped me get things done. Schedule more games, get more painted. That’s the trick.

Happy new year to any and all, and I’ll unveil my new 2022 pledge goal (an even more ambitious one!) with my next post.

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Total for 2021

40k Power Points Painted 376/365

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

Plus a bonus 4 Aeronautica Imperialis planes

Leviathan Cult

Leviathan Cult

It’s been a long while since I tinkered around with Genestealer Cult and Tyranids for my 40k projects, but like the void-call of the Hive Mind it’s hard to stay away forever. Necrons are my primary focus (trying to keep it that way, hah). But still, always need to be brewing a few side-projects. Back with Shadow War: Armageddon, the set of skirmish rules that pre-dated Kill Team, I started up a Behemoth-themed set of gangs: one Genestealer Cult and one Tyranids proper. I finished squads for each, and was pretty happy about them. You can check out the color scheme here: https://leviathancult.com/2017/05/03/the-behemoth-approaches/ in full, but the pic below shows the generations as they looked.

My original Behemoth color scheme for Genestealer Cult

Having made some significant inroads into forces once I got on the painting track in 2021 (Night Lords, Necrons, and Tau all had huge strides in progress), I also felt that I wanted to get back to some more Genestealer Cult–especially with rumors that by the end of the year they may be getting a new Codex. They also are always fun in Kill Team, which I’ve been playing a fair amount of recently. So onward to some new cultists.

However, I didn’t want to stick to the Behemoth scheme. Needed something a bit different. So I experimented with a Leviathan scheme–which I ended up really liking the look of.

Pleased with my initial five Hybrid Acolytes. I’ve got another five on the way, and I’m kind of pleased with the way that the Behemoth white/pink/purple/red hit with the brown-and-yellow mining gear and the lava bases.

With the excitement of getting those models done, I swung into a number more of them to start to fill out a starting force for myself. Had to paint the Patriarch next, as that model is just so essential to the feel of the Genestealer Cult.

This color scheme is fun, and I definitely foresee myself doing a Leviathan Tyranids army here soon enough hah

And I finished up another squad of Acolytes as well.

They can make a full squad of 10, and also are a complete Kill Team with the other group.

So far so good, they take a fair amount of work so may be the slow-grow side project for a while (at least till new Codex). But they make for a fun version of that!

Also, update on the Marvel side of things. Had a brief lull after finishing Sabretooth last time, but got back into my groove and finished up Ebony Maw. I’m actually really pleased with how he turned out, and got to field him in a game alongside Thanos and Black Dwarf, which was pretty cool.

Ebony Maw, that most smarmy of alien sorcerers…

Miniature Painting Goals 2021 – Totals so Far

40k Power Points Painted 298/366

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Painted 13/12

The Behemoth Approaches

The Behemoth Approaches

Don’t worry, frequent readers–I’m not starting another Warmachine faction and painting a big nasty for Khador. Rather, this is the inital set-up for my new 40k project. With the new rules coming out for 8th edition 40k, and the promise that starting a small new team for Shadow War holds, it’s time to explore some Genestealer Cult.

Genestealer Generations

I’m envisioning them as a preparatory force, hiding and making way for the arrival of Hive Fleet Behemoth to a system. There’s a little note in the fluff about the second spot the Hive Fleet struck and consumed: Occulus. The 5th edition codex has the following mention: “Occulus was a moon-sized observator station caught in Behemoth’s path as it pushed onwards past Tyran. The station was a bio-artefact claimed by the Imperium nine thousand years earlier and was devoured, along with its crew.”

I figure that a bio-artefact would be a popular mining spot in addition to the Observator station–to research the artefact and what resources it might provide. In some way (I’ll determine later) a Genestealer Cult could have formed on the planet, and been a part of the lure of the fleet to the system. With splinter cults on a variety of other planets in the system (to represent the other types of battles/foes they may face), it is a fun way to origin my force. At least that’s my starting notion about the force.

In deference to the picture above, I wanted to work on painting the different generations first to get my sense of how they would look. And I wanted them to be of the strain that would lure Behemoth, so figured the distinctive red chitin with blue plates look from that Hive Fleet. This is my first shot at the different generations (akin to the art above).

Genestealer Cult Behemoth Color Scheme Warhammer 40k Hybrids Purestrain Acolyte

I’m pleased with how they turned out, and they’re going to look really good as groups I think. For a special added bonus, the guy on the far right is in the colors of the Macragge planetary defense force that my good gaming buddy Justin painted up as allies for his extensive Ultramarines force. I figure that clashes against him made sense, which is why I chose the Hive Fleet Behemoth look in the first place.

Now that I’ve got the colors down, my first stop is to get a full group painted up for Shadow War: Armageddon. That way I can get some games in while still working on the basic building blocks of my force.